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  1. Of course they are.....they are correct you "Blue Bearded Smurf Ball". How's the married life treating you. You more rounder than tall now?
  2. Bra, "BARRY G". Still here. How you doing...Both my boys graduated and it just not the same. Every now and then these impersonators get me riled up but with all this "Wokeness" going round, don't want to hurt any feelings.....
  3. Damn, look what the Wildcats drug out. How you been.
  4. YEP.....heard Carthage is going to the Veer this year. Truth...
  5. Well look what the Tiger drug home. You bring any East Coast secrets to help Arp out ... welcome home brother.
  6. Predicted? I just hope Waskom can generate some kind of offense this year. That OC a little suspect in ability.........
  7. Not showing up for the team "Slick Jaw", showed up to let you know UIL will be sending you your very own trophy "WASKOM" OUR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP
  8. Naw "Rachet" you don't get under my skin. You just remind of a seed tick, no matter how many times I pluck you off my sack, you always comes back for more..............
  9. Damn "Hammer", How many times you gonna say that. Is Waskom West Rusk SC.....Tell us what WR did after that? I believe the last two times Waskom beat West Rusk, Waskom closed the deal.
  10. David Feaster would make that show run..........................
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