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  1. Maybe the young man that was referenced in another post that I believe is a coordinator there will get it. Supposedly he is an energetic up and coming young black coach.
  2. Without a doubt...big sandy is the winner.
  3. To those that put the poop emoji...how sad is it that I suggest that someone hire a black coach and you guys scoff at it??? Racism...it's a bad thing.
  4. Not sure if they have the capital to pursue such an endeavor but if Kerry Strong would be my choice. Why you ask? Simply because I would want to win.
  5. Here is the truth of the matter...like it or not. If you are interested in developing/continuing a successful program you either need to hire Kerry Strong from Big Sandy and get ready to start rolling in a hurry or you need to hire a black coach (I know you just had one). There is a shortage of black coaches at every level and it is nothing short of a travesty.
  6. Trump for sure but the great leader Clinton...I don't think so.
  7. No doubt about it. Coach Strong did a remarkable job with these kids.
  8. That isnt all I care about but I do agree that there is a serious shortage of black head coaches. Try to do your student teaching with Kerry Strong. That will take you wherever you want to go.
  9. One of the jobs you keep asking...anyone know the timeline here or who is in the running or who will be interested in this job or will they stay in house or go outside or etc.
  10. Man I sure hope you get one of these jobs.
  11. I certainly expect Joe to be in the mix here too.
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