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  1. No bad for our kids because our leaders in the district can manage their money.
  2. I will vote no because honestly I feel my taxes are high enough. What needs to happen is better management of funds and then we dont have to propose a bond. There is no accountability.
  3. I would imagine that Joe is on the list...can anyone confirm this?
  4. Solomon was a fairly smart guy so if he says it...it is pretty solid.
  5. Wo wo wo there William. I would rather be called a Democrat too...because I am one. If you were as wise as you think you are, you would be one too. Hilary or Bernie...two good choices but Hilary is next in line.
  6. The only rule of engagement I know of is that you cant be from the same family.
  7. I am still around. Had to make a run to South Carolina to drum up some of the black vote for Hilary...got to do my part. Wasnt going to be a part of the turning 50 club because I saw too many 1 sentence post. People just dont follow rules.
  8. If they dont hire someone soon this thread will catch up to as many pages as Tatum has.
  9. No just simply Bamaboy is how it should read. It should be capitalized as the first word of a sentence and/or as a proper name. Mightyeagle and Mr. Dirty Bird...please go back and edit your post so that it has two sentences as well as punctuation.
  10. Please capitalize the first word of a sentence. Thank you for your cooperation.
  11. All we ask is that every sentence has a noun and a verb. I would like to thank you for your cooperation.
  12. That was an oversight. Please spell it out. If we are going to do it, lets do it right.
  13. I think that for it to count it has to be a minimum of 2 properly constructed sentences. That would make it quality and quantity.
  14. Furious googling does not go well with dial up huh creaser?
  15. That is a great idea. I bet after having a peek at that they would charge $100+ to critique resumes instead of $25
  16. Kerry Strong is not associated with this job in any fashion. He does not associate himself with any job that uses a search firm...it would not be fair to the other candidates because he would be the pick every time. He does not agree with districts spending thousands to tell him that he is the best candidate when the supt already knows that.
  17. Words out of your mouth=fact. That is a fact.
  18. If it doesnt work out you guys should try a search firm next time. I know of a guy...
  19. This upset state that Mr. CreasyBear would not be if Garrison would have just hired the firm.
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