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  1. This upset state that Mr. CreasyBear would not be if Garrison would have just hired the firm.
  2. Yes but in fairness they only charge $25 to critique your resume.
  3. I bet he even knows how much Rusk ISD paid the search firm.
  4. Moral of the story...as long as districts write them a check and the coaches in their database pay their dues, everything is good.
  5. I publically am sorry for letting it slip. Can I get the same suspension for more "racist" talk?
  6. Yes, I agree with you. I am just distracted. I am sure you have no idea (means 0). You sound like a color blind guy...this world is truly lucky to have you. However, you seem a bit defensive reading your post.
  7. Calmly closing in on 40. Is 100 out of the question???
  8. Creasybear...just curiosity but out of the last 10 recommendations your firm has made, how many have been black coaches?
  9. Excellent suggestion. I dont know any of those answers but I know of a guy or two that may. What is the word on those things. One step closer to page 38. The next page should be titled, "Page 38...dont hate."
  10. No need to stop on 37...again just doing my part to get to the next page.
  11. Are you in witness protection or something? I understand if you can't say too much.
  12. Is this guy an African American?
  13. Just trying to help make the push to page 37...
  14. I am not a detective or justice of the peace but I have noticed what seems to be a coordinated silence...
  15. This has been tried when the job opened and the one they wanted did not want to go. A pretty good list of ET coaches was posted earlier. I agree though...pick one and go get him.
  16. They were pulling out all of the stops last night trying to persuade him to come but it aint going to happen. If he would have wanted it he would have gotten it last night. Some people on here may not admit it but he is who the board wanted. They need to move on past Kerry Strong...he is not coming. Here is a legitimate question: Are any of the Tatum faithful on here any of the board members? If so could this be a ploy to keep talking about the situation...what's another 25 pages of comments. The reason Donald Trump isnt debating tonight is that Tatum is overshadowing him in the media. But seriously, Kerry Strong has a family. Quite pestering him.
  17. At least you understand the hierarchy of things. Definitely the #1 choice.
  18. Your mom must have given you this inside info.
  19. It would be a nice gesture from tisd but he has not been given that proposal.
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