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  1. Kerry Strong is not in the mix for this job. He has spoken to the powers at Tatum ISD and he as respectfully declined. He kind of hinted at me that the main reason he is not interested stems from this website. He feels that there are too many people and posters "in the know" the last while at THS. This would be a painful undoing for some of the Tatum faithful because he is not an open book when it comes to the inner workings of his program. He is not one to sit around after practice or during the day and chat with the locals about every aspect of everything. He told me that if he wanted to babysit he would apply at a daycare. Also, he is not fond of men that wear their hat backwards. He feels that is how Justin Beiber wears his hat. He wishes nothing but the best to Tatum ISD and this Mike Thomas chop that is suppost to get this job. Sounds like it is a done deal from what I read.
  2. Willie Hargett is on staff at Big Sandy along with Kerry Strong. Two of the greatest coaching minds ever on the same staff??? Wow...if both of them decide to stay there there is not much keeping Big Sandy from an incredible year.
  3. This is an easy one...best game to go to on 11/20 is Mineola at Big Sandy.
  4. Sounds like a great coach but that is not Kerry Strong's story you just told so the word is...irrelevant.
  5. Sounds like you guys may be looking for Kerry Strong. Dont think he would be interested because he has other irons in the fire but he would be a steal if yall could get him.
  6. It is flamable so I would be careful. Our running backs are the kids that carry the ball.
  7. The job has been open for a mere few hours so anything would be news to you, me, and the gang. I have some inside info on someone that has been contacted but dont look for this one to begin moving for a few weeks.
  8. Yea gonna be a good one. Too much gas can lead to a penalty.
  9. Well by the sound of those studs we dont have a chance...we will just have to smell their gas all night.
  10. If your motor is running wide open every play you better have a lot of gas.
  11. The next Coach will not be announced until Big Sandy is out of the playoffs. It could be a bit.
  12. Most of you guys are way off. Big Sandy wins and shocks most of you experts.
  13. Yea gonna be a little different tonight with it being Thursday and the 8th grade squad playing beforehand....but the ole Bamaboy will be there.
  14. Just heard from Coach Strong that we turned in 211.
  15. Have not heard Big Sandy's number yet.
  16. Or more notably Kerry Strong as a present day representative.
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