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  1. Yea getting tired of them having the ball. I look for Coach Strong to help with some adjustments and get us rolling.
  2. Alba does play hard and does not give up. Hopefully we can clean things up a bit.
  3. That is not on the menu right now. There are no head coaching jobs open at this time.
  4. Here is the only number that matters....903-636-5287. That is the number to Big Sandy High School. If you are a football team and looking to get your tail kicked press 1. All other inquiries press 1.
  5. I think it is safe to say that things here are at a cross roads.
  6. Ore City simply because Kerry Strong worked there a few years back.
  7. Big Sandy with a Strong performance.
  8. I keep waiting on the call up to the Admin dept...
  9. Ronald, I am sure it is a coincidence that you are replying at halftime and y'all are up 4 touchdowns instead of a week ago. It is hard to watch this beat down from my seat but Carlisle has a good squad. Don't be too shocked if Kerry Strong make a few adjustments at halftime and make a game of it. Worst case...go spend some cash in the concession stand and help is out. Are you sitting on about the 40 yd line in a blue shirt?
  10. I am sure coach Strong and co have the boys ready to roll...gonna be good.
  11. If you had Kerry Strong on staff you wouldn't have this issue.
  12. Had to be one of the best scrimmages I have ever attended. Paul Gould vs Kerry Strong...pick your poison on that deal.
  13. Your name must be Jose because there ain't no way! Carlisle is solid but look for a BS victory.
  14. The good guys win huge. This has the makings of a great season but to those of us that are around the program this is no surprise. Kerry Strong and cast are rolling with no stopping in sight.
  15. Yes, very exciting times and a really bright future for us. With Kerry Strong and the other coaches guiding this team the ceiling is very high.
  16. No RebalSue I am not dillusional or dilusional. Big Sandy will beat y'all like a drum.
  17. Agreed. I kind of alluded to that earlier when I said something about BS running up and down the field but someone said I was instigating. I dont even have an Instagram. I look for this one to get ugly but we will see.
  18. So numbers are down but no one can give Obama credit. I am sure if numbers were up Obama would get the blame...wonder why that is.
  19. I would like to know when as well. Pres Obama has attempted to make much needed change in this country. Some has been accomplished but the other side has blocked much of it unfortunately. I would be fine if he spoke in favor of what the Panthers are saying. To say that it isnt true that it is open season on black people by cops and practically every other race you must have a very different view than where I am sitting.
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