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  1. He has turned down a ton...$$$ and other reasons. I look for him to accept Jefferson though but I could be wrong.
  2. I would map quest their most distant away game.
  3. Kerry Strong has a birthday suit and I do not anticipate him buying a new one.
  4. That reminds me of the ones about Tatum a couple years back...hilarious but has some truth.
  5. Grey Goose Saddle...earlier you said somewhere you thought Kerry Strong was a fictional character and now you are saying to hire him if they aren't going to make a good hire. You are all over the map and everywhere you go you throw Kerry Strong out there. I know you don't understand but this Strong guy you speak of would be the right hire.
  6. Kerry Strong is not and will not be referred to as a fictional character. The only fiction is that you have a clue.
  7. This is one of the funniest post I have seen in a while. The only jokes are the people that hire someone other than Kerry Strong. He is a real coach and is located on Big Sandy, Tx. Mountain man...I admire your lifestyle. Living on the wild and off of the land is awesome. That is the only logical answer I can come up with as to why you are not familiar with Kerry Strong. Just to clear the air and put the applicants at easy...Kerry Strong is not interested in any of the mentioned jobs.
  8. It has been stated a while back but there is no question that Kerry Strong is a remedy to all of SH current problems. Hometown boy that understands Spring Hill.
  9. Gonna be a great job for someone...if the money is right it could be Kerry Strong.
  10. They went after Kerry Strong the last few times this has been open and there is no reason to believe they wouldnt do it again.
  11. He would be great there and actually has close friends from the town but he is about as interested in this job as he is in the open moderator job on this site.
  12. http://www.riceowls.com/sports/m-baskbl/sched/rice-m-baskbl-sched.html Appears to me that they are 10-17 and yes young. Again, huge win for Waskom.
  13. I know Rice is down this year and has a new coaching staff but that is quite the impressive win for Waskom.
  14. Is that code for I have nothing else?
  15. I know that Kerry Strong has been contacted but dont look for him to entertain anything until basketball is over.
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