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  1. Sayonara. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.
  2. I'm thinking Ojomo and Coburn are super seniors and Sweat is just a senior.
  3. I heard one aggie say it hailed at halftime and that was why most people left. Chad Hastings on the Horn FM.
  4. Ole Miss Cincinnati Texas Arizona UNC Ohio St Clemson LSU USC TTech Tiebreaker: 50
  5. It was 41-13 at one point in the first half. Texas pretty much maintained that margin after that. Texas shot 50% for the game. There was 94 minutes of bench time in the game. I think they did alright.
  6. Pair this win with the exhibition game against Arky and things are already looking good. The Beard Doctrine is in effect in Austin.
  7. 1. Baylor 2. K state 3. Texas 4. California 5. TTech 6. Oklahoma 7. UCLA 8. WF 9. Oregon 10. Ole miss Tiebreaker: 59
  8. That's a great point, but they do still have a much larger number of participants. The CFP would ideally be set at eight. That shouldn't water down the consequences of losing one or two during the regular season and heighten the interest of several more thousands of fans.
  9. It is my favorite as well. I just think you can add some playoff teams without watering down the regular season. JMO.
  10. So you're saying all the other sports have it wrong?
  11. 1. WVa 2. Ole Miss 3. Tulane 4. Iowa 5. Florida 6. Baylor 7. TCU 8. Auburn 9. Syracuse 10. UNC Tiebreaker: 31
  12. How dare you! Taco Bell is a perfectly innocuous meal.
  13. I agree, but disagree. The puchout on RoJo's run did change the complexion of the game. Take a look at the second half play by play series for the last two years. There is a definite pattern when things go wrong the coaching staff turtles.
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