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  1. The floor should be a Big 12 championship, but we have all seen how things work out for teams that are picked to make an step forward into the CFP. Injuries and fluke calls/plays seem to derail all but a few.
  2. Coach Terry's biggest recruiting job now is getting Disu to come back for one last year. The team desperately needs his experience and leadership. I also heard (radio) that one of Morris or Mitchell may transfer out or go to the D-league.
  3. I would think this has been in the works well before Sunday night. The talking heads at ESPN (especially DICK Vitale), CBS, TNT and where ever else that trashed CDC owe him an apology.
  4. From what I have read, Xavier is in that tier as well when it comes to 3-pt shooting. If Texas can repeat what they did the last two games they should be successful.
  5. Collin Simmons seems to be warming up to Texas. Way too early in the process to get too excited.
  6. I made it to a tie for second place only to have my champion lose? The horror! I hope ETXfan16 wins it. Hook'em.
  7. At times our PG play was suspect and Colgate would narrow the gap, but Texas always pulled away to create that gap again. If Carr cleans up his lackadaisical passing this team is much better.
  8. I think Burke is still a situational player this season. Tapp has the potential to break out. Sorrell stands in the way of one of them.
  9. The guys over at Inside Texas seem to be really stoked about what they are seeing during the media windows. It has been a while since that occurred. According to them, Edge is the only question mark on the team.
  10. Can anyone explain to me why OU & Florida should be a rivalry? I would think previous matchups would be sufficient. OU vs Mizzou would be much more logical considering geography and previous affiliation.
  11. Is that "Drunk"? Let me have a few more so I can understand what you are saying.
  12. Abilene Christian? Is it an SEC rule that you have to play an FCS opponent?
  13. Lots of crystal balls coming in for #1 RB Jerrick Gibson to UT. He has been Fong'ed as well. Some thought he might commit yesterday. Others think it still might come later this week
  14. From what I'm reading his brother has been recruited over at UT and the lure of Bama is strong. Regardless there are bigger fish to fry at CB in Texas.
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