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  1. About the Preston part! All I have to say about this thread is if you need a great laugh it's good for it!!!
  2. And that is good stuff right there! I'm sure it happens in small towns all over. Sometimes a diamond, sometimes a stone!
  3. Oh please forgive me for being so ignorant! I had no idea Surratt was only a good head football coach & so inadequate at his AD duties & Carthage is barely sub-par in all other sports. How could I be so foolish to believe I could carry on a conversation with someone of your intellect!
  4. Why look to these two schools on how they get it done, when Surratt is in their backyard. Do you think he has the #1 running back in the state by luck? Listen to the kids interview after the state championship game, he grew up wanting to be a running back like Dwight, dreaming of that day. It's like "Bama" menatality on a smaller scale. Yes, I said it. Roll your eyes if you want, but all the little boys are in the backyard pretending they are Kason Davis throwing the winning TD pass, or Dee Bowens coming down with the "OBJ" catch, or Keaontay breaking for a big run. Race doesn't matter, just being a Carthage Bulldog is all that matters. Surratt has really great coaches! Not just in football but in every sport boys & girls and they support one another! Come to the different games and that is evident, you will see a variety of different coaches sitting in the stands cheering for the kids! Maybe that is why he is a winner! He knows how to motivate both his coaches and his kids! Carthage has nice facilities, nicer than others, no! Is Carthage wealthy? Depends on who you ask! Look up the average income for Panola County and decide for yourself! I think a bunch of people will be shocked.
  5. I mean as long as we are all talking in riddles and "what ifs"... If Carthage goes downhill... Maybe there is a young talented Marshall coach that moves in or one of the those young talented coaches that previously coached under Surratt, or even one he coached, returns. CRAZY, YES! But talking about Carthage going downhill is just as crazy! Possibilities are endless! The sky is the limit if you keep an open mind and the right attitude! I'm sure Hallsville will find a great coach! They really don't have that far to look, where red is gold, & champions are educated.
  6. That's the Longview chapter for you...Henderson/Carthage game last night: Henderson shot 38 free throws Carthage shot 15 free throws
  7. Surratt - Preston - Davis - GOING HOME! To where it all started... Dark & Dusty, Painted on the Sky, Misty taste of Moonshine, Teardrop in my Eye. Country Roads, Take me home to the place I Belong! Going to bring those state championships to Texas High! I'm KIDDING people!!! Please don't take my post seriously!
  8. Absolutely not! By no means at all, am I saying that they are looking at the coaches on that list! I am not even saying they are looking at one coach on that list. I have absolutely no inside information coming out of Hallsville, nor do I have inside information into any of these coaches lives whether or not any of them are interested and have applied. My original post was more if the coach was coming out of Carthage, which I believe is way too early in the process to know, Coach Surratt currently has some great coaches on his staff. He also has some great coaches that have coached for him over the past ten years. Just another credit to him.
  9. When one says "a red bulldog" out of "Panola County" yes they are being cryptic; but logically thinking the possibilities are numerous. Of course Surratt is out, but think about the past ten years and the coaches that have coached on his staff... (Following list are coaches that have been a coordinator or head coach; either before, after, or while at Carthage.) Not only is he a Great coach with outstanding kids to coach, but he hires excellent coaches at every position. The coaches on the list that are still in Carthage are Great; and the ones that have moved on are Great also and truly missed. Garrett Morgan Chris Smith Eric Robinson Andre Granger Mike Morgan Darrin Preston Kevin Davis Charlie Tucker
  10. Carthage didn't have a major practice yesterday; so an answer from the general public would be just speculation and hearsay. Some might know more after practice today.
  11. Easy fix - TRANSFER down the road & let your son play for Surratt & Company! Unless Bickham's kid transfers to Beckville, he will be playing in Carthage for Surratt.
  12. Hhhhmmm.... Guess I was wrong when I said one of them must of been from Carthage! I don't know the guy they hired or the above mentioned... But honestly, it stands to reason if you want a winning program, go after Scott Surratt's or Jeff Traylor's coaches, especially those that have moved on to other AD/HC positions. They know how to win. (Yes, I know Coach Traylor is no longer at Gilmer but he still has coaches in East Texas.) Any of the ones I mentioned in my previous post that have either moved on or are currently coaching under Surratt are all young, great coaches & leaders and would have done a terrific job. I believe any school district looking to fill the AD/HC position would not have to look too far if they interviewed any of those guys.
  13. I'm not sure why everyone is talking in riddles; if they have applied why would it be a secret? Past 8 years multiple football championships & a baseball championship.... Hhhhmmm.... A former/current Carthage Coach!!!! Two have moved on to become ADs/HCs @ other programs both are wonderful men & GREAT COACHES, y'all would be very fortunate to have either of these two guys! (Garrett Morgan & Eric Robinson) However, I don't believe one is still in coaching & the other is a AD/HC in the Houston area. African American, again, Carthage had/has several great ones... Andre Granger I believe is coaching back where he graduated, Waxahachie. Current ones, Brandon Hargers & Demond Horsley. Any of those five guys or any of the guys I didn't mention on Surratt's current staff are all terrific coaches!
  14. Good gosh I hate threads like this! It is why people can't stand Carthage! Do we have nice facilities, yes! Are they the best in the state, no! I have no idea what Surratt makes, but for what it is worth here I found a quote printed in the Panola Watchman back in August by one of the County Commissioners.... Commissioner Dale LaGrone said he feels people direct their anger against high taxes at the wrong taxing entity. “You know, compare my salary to the football coach who makes $120,000 a year while the county commissioners make $49,000,” Dale LaGrone said. “Our taxes are less than 50 cents while the school’s tax rate is $1.14.” We all aren't arrogant self-righteous people.... But most are very humble in the fact we have been very fortunate in finding a great a AD/Head Coach who has hired and continues to hire a great staff when his coaches move on to other opportunities! We hope he & his family are happy but understand most likely there will come a day when he decides to take the plunge & try something new. When that day comes I feel like Carthage will land on it's feet! Change is never easy; but it is inevitable! Until then.... #FearTheC
  15. I believe it is public knowledge. If one really wants to know there are places to find this information out, if you look at the correct board minutes. However, I might be completely wrong. Never looked into his salary before, because I don't really care what he gets paid.
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