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  1. Gunter as usual tough as nails and very disciplined. They got this one.
  2. Great season Harmony. Don't hang your heads. Afterall, you beat the socks off those unbeatable Newton Purple Eagles. See you guys next year.
  3. Congrats to Refugio. Great season Timpson. Tough loss. Great game.
  4. I haven't forgot, and I don't do those B Balls. Waiting for next Aug. lol. Good luck Bears. Beat the snot out of Refugio, and send Region 4 home...
  5. Hamony got it going at the right time. This will be a battle. 21-14 Eagles
  6. I'm going with Timpson. Bussey is a great player indeed. Made My Tigers look slow. But he has a team with him. They block very well opening those huge holes for him to run through, and he is tough to tackle. No one man can do it himself. They are a great team. The Bears take this one. 42-20
  7. Good luck to both teams tonight. May these young men play hard, injury free football. I like slobber knockers myself. I'll bandwagon the winner the rest of the way.
  8. I will root for my district rivel. Would be great if those Red Eagles could put a beat down on those Purple Eagles. I'll be yelling for you. But, in all honesty, I see Newton winning by no less than 35. 42-7...
  9. Good luck Eagles, you can do this.. Take home the Gold. Pivotal play of the game I think, not saying it would have brought forth a different outcome. Newton 3rd down and 30. Eagles get that first down and go on to score winning TD. I'm proud of my Tigers, they did give those purple Eagles all they could handle.
  10. Wow. Great game. Both Deffences played Their hearts out. Congrats to Newton.
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