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  1. Different kind of football back then. I was at every game. What a pleasure it was to see. The true definition of awsome.
  2. Congratulations Buckeyes. Great game. #1 is a superman.
  3. Early in the season I thought Gilmer would never make it to JW. You guys have proved me wrong. Now go win the title and bring that Gold plack back to Gilmer. Daingerfield backing you all the way. Go Bucks.
  4. I agree that I thought it was too close to be overturned by the official. He did lose control of the ball but I guess the kid didn't make a move enough to be called a catch. Thing is calls are made during games that are controversial. We all have to live with them and come back from them. Kof played one hell of a game in stopping the slot T. Hats off, and congratulations Koff for a very hard fought game.
  5. I disagree with some of the Daingerfield fans that the Tigers had a horrible game. Come on, they held Tidehaven, a team that avg. over Fifty points a game, to 14 in regulation. Our offense was stymied be a great Tidehaven defense. I saw 3 or 4 tipped passes in the endzone. They pretty much shut down our deep ball passes. Quit downing our Tigers. I think they played their #### off and wore down late in the game. I'm not going to take away from Tidehavens win by laying it on Daingerfields poor play. This was a hard fought game on both sides of the ball. I congratulate Tidehaven and wish them well for next week. I also congratulate Daingerfield for a great year. Go Tigers and Tigers. Now that being said, I totally do not understand why a coach can let two mins. Dissappear with the game on the line. Then call time out with 2 seconds left. 2 mins with 2 time outs left is plenty time to run more than enough plays to score or at least get close enough for a field goal. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? I would fire him on that alone. I'm through ranting now.
  6. Congrats to TideHaven. Got it done when it counted most. We couldn't. What I saw was hard a fought game. Those boys played their hearts out. No reason to hang your head Blue Tigers. You guys went deeper than many thought you would. Great season.
  7. Used to go watch every game, 3 days. Done it 6 years in a row. Seen lots of good games, and stand out athletes. loved it.
  8. Getting ready to head South. Got me a suite at Best Western. Will Rest up a while before game. Watch them Blue Tigers put an TobinFrost whooping on Tide Haven. Then spend the night hopefully sleeping before driving north.
  9. I guess my question is. Is Bally sports going to carry all the games this year?
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