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  1. Bally sports Southwest is carried by Suddenlink, replacing Fox Sports Southwest Appears to be the same programming. I suppose the games will be there. If you go checkout Ballysports.com, they say their covering every game.
  2. Watched the game between dem kittens and Wasps. Those uniforms and helmets are butt ugly. Looked like Pole Cats running around.
  3. This is going to be one hell of a game. Wish I could be there. I feel like you Waskom dudes gonna be crying, (We got beat by a Freshman!). Daingerfield in a squeaker. 36 - 28. Semis. Daingerfield vs Roosevelt. Gunter vs Franklin
  4. You must be afeared. See your worried about those speedy Tigers. They prolly have 5 faster than the fastest Raider. Na, speed don't mean every thing, but you will see come Turkey eve it does in fact win ball games. And the other teams you mentioned couldn't keep up even with their speed demons.
  5. Not going to change a thing Thursday night, but since the past was brought up about X Tigeres.
  6. It don't matter Cookie. Yall was loaded that year and wooped our butts. You need to blow as much as you can. After those Wild Cats claw Newton to shreds.. you will be watching round ball....
  7. We'll give thanks for all the blessings the Lord has given us on Thanksgiving, then go kick the out of the Raiders butt!!!!
  8. I guess you could say that... Their offense also. Most of their output on two plays.
  9. Don't matter who they played. They ain't played the Tigers. Dem Raiders gonna get mauled. 50 to 20. Tigers have got it going. Played best defensive game all year last night.....
  10. Tatum radio nothing but jarble now. Mic screwed or something. Still 8 - 6??
  11. Daingerfield D is much improved. The Yard Birds might need 63 again, but not getting it this game. Probably gonna be another low scoring slugfest as usual with these two. Picking my Tigers by three scores...
  12. Way to fight Tigers. Defense gets an A+. Offense C. To many turnovers or this could have been a rout. Thanks to KAQC for televising the game. My gal in bad health, so can't take the chance with covid. This going to be a good year for the Tigers... Go blue..
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