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  1. I need someone to convince me to make that 4hr drive!!!! I want to see the True Blue Tigers beat the snot out of those southern Tigers. But my back keeps saying don't do it. My lady thinks I'm nuts when I jump up and yell at home. I'm going damn it! 35 - 20. Daingerfield
  2. At this point of the game, Don't underestimate anyone. Tidehaven don't have 8 shutouts without having a stought Defense. As long as our Blue Tigers go in playing like they did against those BB playing purple yard birds, it'll be 35-14 Daingerfield. Jerry World here we come.
  3. The Bowl is a very nice stadium. That being said, the worst place to have playoff game. No parking lot. Have to park on the street. Long walk for those that dont get there early. One window concession for home side.
  4. It was said that Daingerfields team spead was better than Newtons. That proved true last night.. our secondary coverage gave Newtons QB no where to throw the ball. Passing game was eliminated. Daingerfields D line has improved leaps and bounds throughout the season. Earned an A+ last night.
  5. Good game Newton. #7 IS A STUD Daingerfield shut down #3. He couldn't get out the gates to show his speed. Daingerfield is playing lights out right now. Keep playing like they did last night, and golden trophy is possible.
  6. I am parked. Belly is full. Ready to see the Tigers take down these Purple Yard Birds.
  7. If I weren't a Diabetic I would join you with a bottle of Jack. As it is, spiced tea will have to do. Unsweetened of course.
  8. For those that haven't entered Jacksonvilles web site. They have a clear bag policy entering the stadium.
  9. I would say much better. Aside from the worst game the whole team played against Harmony. Came out flat and stayed flat. Since then, They have played tough. Daingerfields D will be hiped up and ready for those yard birds. Upset coming to Jacksonville.
  10. No, we know you have threats all over the field. So do we. It's going to come down to who covers those threats best. We'll just have to wait and see. I still think it's going to come down to who has the ball last. And whether they can score or not.. it's going to be a good game for sure.
  11. Tigers to watch , #0, 8, 5, 9, 1, 3, 6, 2, 12, 14, and more. Lot to cover. 7 of these can take it to the house on any given play. 2, 12 & 14. These Line backers are head hunters. Then a big O & D line that has improved every game. Yes it's going to be a great game with talent on both sides of the ball.. Can't wait till Friday.
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