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  1. I thought it was a very classy move by Brock's HC to walk over to check on Smith then return to his sideline & kneel & pray for Smith with his team. I'd say there's a really good chance these two teams meet in this game again in 2016.
  2. The 4th down spot was bad. His forward progress clearly had the 35. However, I'll chalk that up to an honest mistake by the refs. I thought the officiating was equally bad for both sides pretty much. I agree with WhosYoeDaddy, both teams made numerous mistakes, but give both defenses credit for forcing many of those offensive mistakes. I think what killed Teague was losing the turnover battle, some key dropped passes, poor play calling on offense at critical times, the mistake of punting to one of the most electric playmakers in 3A instead of out of bounds, and the fact that Cameron is a pretty dang good team. Great season Lions & good luck to Yoe.
  3. I know this was 2nd game of the year, but I still can't understand how Eustace beat Sunnyvale?!?!....I'll take Mineola. Mini vs Brock next week will be fun!
  4. Baylor will always be up for Texas, always. Bears by 40.
  5. This will be a slug fest. Weather forecast is perfect! I first saw T Smith at Jerry's World when he literally took the state game over in the 2nd half his Soph year. He not only likes contact, he delivers it a lot! He is a monster RB; but he hasn't met Teague's front 7 on D yet. I think Smith will get some, but he'll be contained. Smitherman being able to run & find open receivers, & the Yoe D not letting Shepherd run wild, will be the key for Yoe. Teague being able to be two dimensional on offense, limiting the special teams mistakes, & getting enough stops on D will be the key for the Lions. This should be a great one!
  6. Our #1s play like most teams #3s anyway, so it's non factor.
  7. No matter what, Chris Warren can play. He may not have any help from the Head Coach to the water boy, but he can flat out play!
  8. This is the most under coached & least talented Texas team in school history. Just look at the gimmic plays they're trying against Tech....Tech?! Since when has Tech had a defense?? If you can't score on Tech, you needs to go back to the drawing board. Total embarrassment again. I supported Strong for about 14 months, hoping, praying he could flip us; but it's obviuos that I wS wrong & he is clueless....
  9. Teague is a much better team than last year! Yeah, maybe don't have as much individual talent on offense, but the OL is better & the chemistry on offense is better and OMG!, the defense is absolutely better!!!
  10. Weather slows both offenses down. Teague 34 West 20
  11. No doubt bootleg. That's why they're the best.
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