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  1. 2A school looking for junior and jv games for week 3 and week 4
  2. 2AA classification needs a game for week 3, contact Tory Barnes
  3. Ya'll really think coaches and admins are afraid to play games? This Covid is serious and many kids are getting really sick. Have ya'll been in a school and seen it spread like wildfire?
  4. San Augustine is looking for a JV game on 10/24 would like to pay at home but would travel. Contact Coach Morris 936-596-8681
  5. San Augustine is looking for week 2
  6. Guys, Coach Clay is retiring. But yes SA Wolfman needs to apply so he can run the program the way he sees fit.
  7. Anybody looking for a game for this date?
  8. ^ Nice, it must always be about the program. Football cant be the only thing, boys and girls programs in each sport are equally important. This business is about kids and helping them become adults.
  9. I bet a lot of money that Center wins. do you wanna bet?
  10. Officials in High school ball can the ball carrier be assisted by pushing or pulling? what is the rule?
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