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  1. Palestine vs Huffman-Hargrave, Friday in Madisonville 7:30pm
  2. Palestine vs Huffman-Hargrave Friday in Madisonville 7:30pm
  3. Class 4A-Region III Bi-District Palestine Vs. Loser of Livingston-Hargrave game Friday, 11/13, 7:30pm, at Madisonville I know Palestine isn't impressive to some people, but a team filled with soph and Jrs. I'll take it.
  4. I'm proud of this Wildcat team. we were picked to finish 5 or 6th in this district. Not only did we clinch a playoff spot, but have an outside shot at a district title. This team is very young. Next season will be exciting!!!!
  5. The one thing that worries me about this game is our offense. Yea we can break long runs at anytime, but our offense is ground attack and play action off that. I worry about getting down a couple of scores. Our defense is nasty, but Lindale is explosive and going to score points. I just hope play tough into the 4th and have a chance to pull it out at the end. With that being said. My heart says 'Cats, but my minds says Eagles by 14.
  6. May not mean much now, but Palestine beat Livingston 28-7 in week 2
  7. Palestine originally Vs Jacksonville Week 2 Now will play Livingston
  8. Hopefully, I'll have Palestine's schedule tomorrow.
  9. We will be down this yr. Graduation hit us hard. Hopefully Coach Angel will coach them new guys up. Having a whole spring season workout will help immensely!
  10. yea, still fighting. Just hope the young man pulls through.
  11. As of this morning, the 18 yr old is still in critical condition. Also, I live in Carrollton, My wife works at a DISD middle school. she tells me stories of how kids act up and being disrespectful. but she says she care because most of her kids are good kids and want to go to college and better themselves. This will probably be her last yr there. It's very hard to get good quality teachers and coaches in that district. A lot of parents are moving their kids to the burbs. Another thing, this not a normal thing that happens at DISD events. So, no the kids are not use to this ha
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