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  1. Y'all don't know nuthin
  2. Thanks for the updates, my Bally's app shut down on Google and Samsung
  3. Congratulations Gilmer. 2023 State Champions forever!
  4. Gilmer defense needs to defend inside then out and the 2 outside rovers need to read just a little more before committing. Do that and don't turn it over on offense and you are state champions.
  5. Should be a good one. GILMER should win by at least 10 with even turnovers.
  6. Why do some officials wait 3 seconds after forward progress is stopped before calling no strip/fumble and others a half second? What is the rule? I'm watching the Belview/Wimberley game. They had a strip TD on first drive. Runner's forward progress was stopped for at least 2 seconds. Last week Carthage/Gilmer the fumble happened immediately and they said forward progress was stopped. There is always a big range on these calls
  7. They are still taking applications as required. Football is very important to their community!
  8. Most exciting, and dramatic game I've seen in a long time. I thought Gilmer blew the upset when Carthage let them score, and they took the bait. Then definitely when Carthage forced OT, and again when they were held to a fg. Congratulations!
  9. What are the video livestream options tonight for this game? Official Gilmer Buckeyes on YouTube? NFHS? KGAS?
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