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  1. Grace by 3tds. Too many on SH defense stand flat footed and wait for runner to go around them or just look confused. When everyone you play is larger and quicker you need to attack.
  2. Pitt should wear the Douglas Panthers uniforms.
  3. I think SH is down to the 4th QB. It will probably be the 5th or 6th before the game is over.
  4. Pewitt should be well rested for this one.. So should Mt. Vernon lol.
  5. I don't know if this game will be competitive or not but it will be interesting considering ex Spring Hill head coach and 2 players at Gladewater. Both started on Spring Hill varsity last year. One as a Freshman the other was a 3 year starter.
  6. Center QB is going to break a record if he stays in. SH won't cover one play and can't the next.
  7. Pitt might end up with more first downs if Carthage keeps scoring every play.
  8. When are we getting our safety/2nd QB back? SH has plenty of depth but his size would be helpful this week.
  9. Late last season would have been a better match-up. Pitt lost a lot. They still have some talent but not near as much as Carthage.
  10. Spring Hill is so deep and talented that those who can't make the team go to Carthage, John Tyler, Gladewater, Gilmer, and Longview to be star players at those schools.
  11. Also lots of depth with the 28 seniors. They don't just look good on paper, they are well coached and execute with precision.
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