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  1. I would be willing to trade mine for something of equal value. Say around $500. Just kidding. I wouldn't trade it
  2. Pittsburg had Frederick Douglass High School. That's who NY Giant Homer Jones played for.
  3. I'm excited about this old rivalry game getting to happen again after nearly 30 years. Pitt will lose this game and a few more before district but will get rolling again just in time for the playoffs.
  4. I was very pleased with Weston as athletic director but I would have done the same thing.
  5. You won't find a better O-line coach. Weston is even better than Kurt.
  6. Of course I can't get either stream to work. Blue spinning circle on nfhs
  7. Can't or can. This is all I can find on youtubetv.
  8. Yea. Probably saw the safety in the middle and adjusted. Tough. Qb really didn't have time to wait
  9. He said he'd never seen ot before
  10. Mv punted, held brock, then bobble on mv fg attempt Headed to ot
  11. 28 all. MV ball 2:28 left and 3 timeouts
  12. Good game so far. Feels like Gilmer is about to explode in 3rd qtr though
  13. I'm guessing the strategy on the last play was that everyone was thinking Bolton would keep it wide so give it to Bates on the misdirection and score or get the first down and spike it. Bates scored from 50yrds out the last time he got the ball on the same or similar play. QF played really good defense most of the night.
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