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  1. so what was the overall outcome..??....I haven't seen or heard anything about the scrimmage...but I wouldn't put too much stock into a first scrimmage/practice against anyone...too many moving pieces
  2. Yep and last year Kilgore intercepted Lindale to end the game...crazy how they both ended
  3. the renovation is dragging...last I drove by they still didn't even have turf down....concrete looked like it was poured but the construction on bathrooms, concessions hadn't even started..???...not sure what the deal is but I know there is talk about be prepared to play more road games.....I know they are still "hopeful" it will be ready, but who knows...after what I have seen and heard it sure doesn't look like it will be ready....guess we shall see!!
  4. @ Pleasant Grove (scrimmage) @ #1 Carthage week 1 @ #2 Gilmer week 2 plus playing Chapel Hill and Lindale, etc in District and heck if our stadium isn't ready we may be traveling a lot more..
  5. Kilgore's Freshman team group was really good...I think lost like 2 or 3 games since 7th/8th grade....two loses were to Palestine...I'm not sure the exact class they will be this year...they are either going into Sophomore year or Junior year..???...either way they are pretty talented
  6. I too believe Chapel Hill is going to be really good....my only concern with them is can they stop anyone else from scoring...the best way to beat a high powered offense is to keep it off the field as much as possible...if other teams are able to run the ball and control the clock Chapel Hill will be in trouble...as far as Kilgore, I truly believe they have the potential to be as good or better than last year...depends on how quick the OLine gets rolling. I think the team in the district everyone might keep their eye on is Palestine. I think they had a very very good freshman or JV team that pretty much rolled everyone..???..overall, I believe this district is going to be very competitive with 3 different teams having legit shots to win it
  7. I could be wrong but I think a student can play even though they did not pass if school is not in service ( Thanksgiving break)....but once school is back they will go back to being ineligible until they show they are passing (not sure how many weeks that is)
  8. Rider also only carried the ball 4 or 5 times against PT...didn't really play against Henderson in 2nd half and didn't play against Athens..
  9. This says Rose Stadium??...thought Van and Gilmer was playing there and we were playing Longview or Jacksonville depending on who won flip??
  10. when two good teams meet the ball usually has to bounce their way once or twice...that's usually the difference in the game....same as the playoffs, to go all the way you have to be good but, you also have to have a little luck
  11. yeah, same for Kilgore...if you take away Lindale we were giving up like 19pts per game and scoring 40....add the Lindale game and we score like 42 and give up 23....but, if you look at the same thing happened last year....Kilgore was averaging giving up like 20 something and boom play Lindale and give up 47 and 56 to them..???...crazy
  12. dang...I'm not for sure but I don't remember the visitor side being very big unless they have upgraded since we played there against Sweeney several years ago
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