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  1. Well maybe they should start making time...some people on here are experts
  2. I truly believe if Kilgore plays well this game will not be as close in the end as most think it will....the key to me is tackle well and don't give away pts via turnover or special teams...I just believe we will stop them more than they stop us
  3. in my opinion I don't think Kilgore has played very well overall since before the bye week....almost seems like we have been just going through the motions...now granted CHILL was very good and had a lot to do with it, but we just look off with penalties, turnovers, and just overall execution...not terrible just a little off....I'm hoping they got back in gear after the second half of LCM game...they had a little more fire to them when they came back out and put them away...Kilgore can go as far as they wanna go if they play to their potential....will need a few breaks as well but this Kilgore team when clicking is pretty dang good...nothing against El Campo they have a very good team as well... but if we come out and play Kilgore football El Campo is gonna have a huge problem...
  4. That's what I thought...but that's what it shows...surely a typo
  5. Well Dave Campbell site say 1 pm Friday Randall Reed...hopefully that's wrong
  6. Heck driving to Houston in general to play El Campo isn't fair...they only would drive like an 1 1/2 hrs vs 3 for us....honestly we should play in Waco
  7. Heard rumors on Sheldon Isd in Houston...but
  8. Keep your head up Kilgore...didn't play your best game last night and missed some opportunities... Congratulations Chapel Hill on a well deserved DC. That dang Stewart kid is going to be special!!!!....best of luck in the playoffs and hopefully we both take care of business and get the rematch...I like Kilgore's chances in a rematch
  9. I just hope we got healthy over the bye week and we have all of our players available for this one...we got pretty banged up against Athens. Mainly our starting RB who went out with a knee injury of some sort..??...he didn't play most of the 4th qtr against Athens and was on the sideline with ice on his knee....hopefully, he is ready to roll. Also, heard we "could" be missing a few others...??....hopefully, I heard wrong on that part...either way it will be an exciting game
  10. I could be wrong but from what I came up with if Lindale, Henderson, and Jax all end up 3-3 that would mean Palestine finished 2-4 based on who plays who, etc...???....and as far as 3 way tie I think it goes on pt differrential +/-, etc
  11. on a side note...I know your down on the way Lindale is playing defensively right now and I honestly believe a lot of that had to do with who you played but, in my honest opinion I think Lindale is fine...so your defense may not be as good as you thought and maybe your offense is better than you thought...???..you may have just played 2 of the best teams in the region...??....Lindale is still a good enough team to beat teams especially with the way offensively they are playing....I know defense will matter in the end but you can still win a lot a ball games with a good offense you just cant afford penalties and to let special teams play a factor in games...and on the game this Friday, Palestine is a scrappy bunch and I could see them scoring 20 to 30 pts on Lindale...but I also see Lindale scoring in the 40's on them, soo ....JMO
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