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  1. Great game Chapel Hill....definitely took it to us this go...go bring it home
  2. they also said they done seen Kilgore's best shot...heck we had 3 missed XP's...fumbled inside the 30 yd line (led to TD) and then snapped a ball over punters to give them the ball at the 1 (led to TD)....and had starting DL get ejected...but that was Kilgore's best shot..???
  3. you can call yourselves underdogs, favorites or whatever...it's all irrelevant....it's the mindset/execution of the players that matters...what you or I or anyone else thinks doesn't matter.....but honestly, Kilgore is the underdogs we are the one's whose season ended to Chapel Hill 2 years in a row!!...either way it all makes for an exciting game
  4. I'm not saying they don't see this stuff...I'm saying a team shouldn't need to see this to get motivation for this game....motivation should come from the opponent or game they are facing that week...having the opportunity to play in the 4th round of the playoffs "should" be all the motivation needed...you've earned it.....yeah, it's nice to see these experts think highly of Kilgore as they did Chapel Hill earlier in the year ranking them #1 in 4A for most of the year...but that doesn't win anything you have to earn it every week...Kilgore beat Chapel Hill earlier for the District Championship which was icing on the cake....but, honestly I truly believe this team wants more.....winning district is nice but not the ultimate goal...finding a way to beat the team that has ended your season 2 years in a row with hopes of playing for a State Championship is!!!...that's why I truly believe Kilgore will have all the motivation they need in this one..
  5. lol, you said that like the Chapel Hill football team gonna get on here and see the polls to get more motivation...like that matters.....if it makes you feel better I didn't even vote...ha
  6. Well if Chapel Hill considers Iowa Colony good then Kilgore can consider Bay City and Needville good too...being that Bay City lost to IC by 1 and Needville lost to IC by 4...
  7. I 100% agree....and if Chapel Hill wins Friday I will be on here to congratulate them and be rooting for them to go all the way!!
  8. ???...let me guess ya'll were holding them for this game instead....been hiding them this whole time and now, boom lets surprise Kilgore with these guys...lol....Kilgore knows what Chapel Hill has to offer on both sides of the ball...athletes everywhere no argument there....the problem is your execution against the opponent...so, you have had success the last 3 weeks on defense but, that was against LCM, EC, and IC.....my question is what adjustments will Chapel Hill make (especially on the line of scrimmage) to give themselves the opportunity to have these "hidden" gems change this game...????...if Kilgore controls the line of scrimmage Chapel Hill is going to have a long night!!....again, I'm not saying by any means Chapel can't win the game...they are very talented and more than capable...
  9. it was the 4th round...Lindale played LBJ the next week and beat them to go to State Championship....2 years ago Chapel Hill played Kilgore in the 3rd round at the Rose and beat them in double OT 41 -35....Chapel Hill Hill played LCM the next week and beat them to play LBJ in the semis
  10. Lindale beat Kilgore at SFA...I honestly could care less where they play and believe the only reason we didn't play at the Rose is because it was already booked
  11. confident, yes...overly confident..???....no!!.....Kilgore knows how good Chapel Hill is and "supposedly" how hard it is to beat a team twice....so, they will need to play really well to win....difference is, this is not last years team!!!
  12. 3 Int's....one was was underthrown by couple yards that would been a Kilgore TD was picked at like the 5...one was overthrown bad and the last one was a scramble that he just tried to force down field...Kilgore also fumbled two Kickoffs that gave the ball to BC inside our 30yd line both times...both led to TD's....lucky to get out with a W...teams who turn it over 5 times don't usually win those games.....is what it is...learn and move on....Defense played well though...BC only had 207 yds total offense...
  13. Actually game was tied 7-7 all the way until 6 min left in the game... then Gilmer kicked a FG to go up 10-7....then Gilmer tacked on a td with like 4 min left to go up 17-7.... and thennnnnn all hell broke loose for the next 3 min or so
  14. as well as Chapel Hill didn't see Kilgore's entire playbook....my guess is because there is a good chance these two meet again in a few weeks...granted both take care of business
  15. If Chapel Hill beats Kilgore by 14 or more they get 1st seed
  16. Heck Naw....I will be sitting on my couch watching the Rangers
  17. #4(Stoker didn't play)...#90 on DL was out...#44 FB/LB was out...#84 (Christian) was in and out limping around but played
  18. Kilgore looked tired and like we were just going through the motions...glad we me made it to the bye week...we are beat up pretty good and definitely could use a week off to get healthy and regroup
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