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  1. only one I have heard of is live and in person.com..
  2. should be a very good game....Kilgore looks like it's all starting to come together on all phases....after what I have seen the past few weeks from the offense and defense this team has the chance to do some special things...as long as we stay healthy and keep getting better every week I truly believe the only one stopping Kilgore is Kilgore...big test this Friday though against a very good Lindale team that I bet feels the same way!!....win or lose just stay healthy and keep taking steps forward...can't wait for this one
  3. I know Jacksonville has gotten better and will continue to get better...but, in my honest opinion I really don't think this game is close...maybe similar to the Hallsville game final score...Kilgore's defense at times is really really good and there has only been 2 teams score over 30 pts on it and that's Carthage and Gilmer...no disrespect to Jacksonville but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Jacksonville is nowhere near that caliber...JMO!!...again, not saying Jacksonville can't win just think as long as Kilgore continues to get better and doesn't turn the ball over they will be too much for Jacksonville in the end....on a side note, Kilgore D is playing really good here lately and the offense has moments where they looked explosive but hasn't quiet put it all together yet...but, when they do somebody is going to be in a bind....will it be this week..??....guess we will see
  4. what Jacksonville did against PT vs what Kilgore did against PT means absolutely nothing...it's about matchups and how the game plays out on that particular day...heck, Kilgore missed 2 FG's and an XP against PT or that game would have been 27-7 before the final hailmary TD for PT...also, last year PT beat Kilgore 42-27 and Lindale beat PT 31-29...did that matter at all when Kilgore played Lindale..???..I'm not saying Jacksonville cant beat Kilgore but some who predict it based off that is crazy...
  5. Thanks to Kilgore...we showed Lindale what not to do
  6. I don't know anything about Hallsville except they are apparently 3-0...I have no idea who will win but I believe if Kilgore finishes drives with pts this week they will be fine...they had over 400 yds of offense against PT last week with over 230 yds passing and over 200 yds rushing but for whatever reason just couldn't come away with much pts..missed 2 FG's and 1 XP...we had plenty of opportunities to put they game out of reach but our offense is just not clicking on all cylinders yet... we did way better last week though with no turnovers and managed better with penalties...slowly but surely getting better!!!....on a side note Hallsville is 3-0 but if we switched schedules Kilgore would probably be 3-0 too ....should be a good test for Kilgore
  7. all we can do is let the kids play and see what happens..
  8. I don't think you can say this is not a usual Kilgore team based on an opening season loss to Carthage...Kilgore still has a ton of talent on this team...you might be just more safe to say Kilgore is not playing like Kilgore is capable of playing right now....I mean heck, we started the season last year beating Nac and Hallsville...then PT put it on us 42-27 and nobody cashed in the season based off that....I believe how good Kilgore can or will be is yet to be seen!!!
  9. QB is not much of a running threat...yes, Kilgore is still a run first offense but they are not the old 3-5 pass a game type offense...we will throw it as much as needed...20-30 times a game...QB is a vey good passer and has some good receivers to throw to...he threw for 2200 yds and 22 td's last year....he struggled last Friday against Carthage and had a couple of 50/50 balls picked (not his best thrown balls)...Carthage DB made some great plays...also, made a few other arrant throws and few dropped passes...I look for him to be much better this week
  10. who said, Kilgore would get better and Gilmer wouldn't..???...and if you think Gilmer was not very fortunate for the Chapel Hill turnovers, bad snaps, etc is just plain crazy...heck, your own dang coach even stated how fortunate Gilmer was....and am I saying Gilmer didn't make mistakes either, no....nobody was saying that's the only reason Gilmer won but more or less saying that it contributed to why they won by the margin that they did....31 pts on turnovers alone plus 7 pts through special teams ..were some of the turnovers forced.???..absolutely...Gilmer is good...but, hey it's all part of the game and if you play sloppy good teams make you pay like Gilmer did to Chapel Hill...If Kilgore comes out this week and plays sloppy then Gilmer may do the same...if Kilgore comes out and plays well then who knows what will happen...they could very well "still" get beat.. but I promise you it wont be 51 -27...who knows, Gilmer is very good team and it's tough to win in Gilmer...I think the problem is some Gilmer fans are just soo arrogant and just plain simple ignore certain details...heaven forbid anybody give an opinion especially if it doesn't promote dominance towards Gilmer in every part of their game....your not Carthage!!!
  11. Kilgore will be fine...it was the first game of the year and we made a ton of costly mistakes against a very good Carthage team.... after watching the highlights from Chill and Gilmer I am confident in Kilgore's chances of being in this game and having an opportunity to win in the 4th as long as they correct some of the mistakes made last week...Gilmer is another very good team and will capitalize on our mistakes as they did against Chill...nothing against Gilmer but based on what I saw, Chill beat themselves in that game...they didn't put themselves in a good spot to succeed with all the turnovers.....but, still managed to score 27 pts. Gilmer didn't do anything special against Chill that wowed me...just took advantage of poor play as a good team should!!
  12. As well as Carthage...it's all good just first game frustration...I guess as long as we get better and learn from our mistakes...which I know we will
  13. All I was saying is the game easily could have gone into half 14-0...potentially 14-7 with Kilgore receiving ball at half...it collapsed on Kilgore in a matter of 3-4 min which led to 28-0 halftime lead...but yes, Carthage took advantage of what opportunities Kilgore gave them...like a good team should
  14. I literally said great job Carthage...all I pointed out was Kilgore made a ton of mistakes and Carthage did exactly what a good team should do..."capitalize"...I never once said that's the only reason yall won..... but I do believe the game was a few plays away from being a closer score then you think...yes Carthage defense did a fantastic job against Kilgore...but in the end penalties, interceptions (50/50 or not) all contributed to Kilgore defense being on the field too much...also being 1st game..hot...and playing a team like Carthage
  15. You right...it was 7-0 with 5 min till half....but cool story...
  16. When you have 2 interceptions...1 in endzone...a dropped pass in endzone...an onside kick recovery that leads to a td and about 100 yds in penalties....that's what happens...great job Carthage
  17. I don't think it's as much of freshman playing up...I only know of like 2 or 3 that got moved up to JV..(freshman starting QB is on JV and I think RB as well)....I honestly believe they haven't really practiced much at all..???..I'm not sure how many Sophomore that are on varsity right now either
  18. I'm not missing this game...something special might happen
  19. does ol Suratt still do his pregame interview every week??
  20. Ha...I could also sit at home and listen on the radio
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