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  1. Football only. Football is the only thing that is divided into D1 and D2. It would only make a difference if the numbers were the difference in keeping them in 2A instead of moving to 3A.
  2. Praying for you Wes!!! ❤ Gerald Wayne Wood was born November 5, 1946 in Athens, Texas to the late Fletcher Gordon Wood and Addie Louise Crabtree Wood. He had been a resident of Murchison since 1992, formerly living in Athens. He was a graduate of Athens High School in 1965 and obtained his master's degree from East Texas State University in Commerce. Gerald served in the US Army as a Sergeant E5 from June 1, 1970 - December 23, 1971. He was a coach and teacher in Athens for 36 years. From 1981 - 1997, Coach Wood was the Athens Hornets head baseball coach. During this time, he won 72% of his games with a career record of 314-122 and took his team to the playoffs 12 out of the 16 years. In addition to baseball, he also coached girls golf and tennis. In the classroom, he taught physics and mathematics. Coach Wood retired in 2002.Gerald passed away at the age of 75 on July 12, 2022. He was preceded in death by his wife of 53 years, JoAnn Weisinger Wood.Survivors include his son Wesley Gordon Wood.
  3. I'm definitely worse off under Biden. I had to move to a cheaper place which right now under this storm doesn't feel real safe. No tornado safe spot here. Fortunately I do have a little money that would hold me a couple of months, but long term not good.
  4. I haven't taken the vaccines and as of right now I won't ever.
  5. Or in the mid 70's when the Bears had 1 loss in district and it ended in a 3 way tie. Coin flip determined who advanced to playoffs. I believe it was my senior year in '74.
  6. UVA almost took another one from Duke. It's going to be sad if the Cavaliers don't make it into the tournament. I get their body of work isn't good but they are playing as well as anyone in the ACC right now. I grew up a BIG UVA fan and loved watching the ACC. Back then there wasn't any conference better than the ACC. Great matchup and great coaches. Last night's UVA/Duke game was another good one, but nothing is better than seeing the class exhibited between Coach Tony Bennett and Coach K.
  7. It's been confirmed by Grambling St. Personally I'm happy for him. I can't say he was blameless for some of the things that happened at Baylor but I do believe he was railroaded for more than he should have been. That being said he deserves to be able to coach.
  8. Lol, quit giving Bear fans a heart attack. You know that job was filled on Monday night. Actually, it's a great job. Not surprised the names that applied. Hopefully I'll get to attend more of the Indian games this season.
  9. Best wishes to Coach Sharp in wherever he goes or whatever he does.
  10. Overrated? Trouble? How so? If you want to make comments, back them up.
  11. I'm just glad we aren't playing Kilgore.
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