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  1. For someone who isn't looking down on rural areas you sure are taking multiple shots at the fans who live there. My grandson's school played playoff games this year at both NRG & AT&T. Both my grandsons loved both places but thought the rules they had to go by at AT&T were stricter. Understandable since AT&T had to work with 6 different teams on that day and NRG was only dealing with 2. I would say at least 6 of their games this year were in the Houston area. Both my grandsons enjoyed every game, including the bus rides to get there, whether it was Houston or Arlington. I also took my oldest grandson to his 1st NBA game that was in the Toyota Center. He loved it despite all the issues we had. Personally, as a fan, my experiences with AT&T Stadium have been great. I've seen high school games there & college games and never had any problems. Same with the other pro stadiums in Arlington, Irving and the Metroplex. My experiences in Houston haven't been the same. The Toyota Center was horrible, although the people who work there are fantastic. NRG was not as bad but I doubt I would ever go back. MinuteMaid was fun but my best experiences in Houston were a long time ago at the Astrodome. Bottom line for me is I'd much rather have the State Championship games all together at AT&T. As far as a regular season game or playoff game I'd much rather go to the great stadiums in NE Texas. We have plenty of good ones to choose from. The best Stadium atmosphere that I've ever been to outside of NE Texas is The Reservation in PNG.
  2. If you don't use a particular school code how do they know which game to count it to?
  3. That's a classic for all East Texas teams back in the early 70's when I was in the band, along with The Horse, Hawaii 5-0, Shaft and my favorite that we always played in the 4th quarter, I Can't Stop Loving You.
  4. My oldest grandson is middle row, second from front and my youngest grandson is middle row in the back. This is a shot of them on the big screen AT & T. Funny it catches my youngest looking at himself on the big screen. Such a thrill to see their experience in person.
  5. I hate it for PNG but they had a great season. PNG Band (especially my grandsons on the drumline) were great!!!
  6. PAM looked unbeatable in the season opener. They came into the Reservation and dominated. After that game I wasn't sure PNG would make the playoffs much less be in the State Championship game.
  7. I think most experts are picking SOC. That's definitely understandable. I'm picking PNG for personal reasons. That being said I've seen almost all of PNG's games and their OL & DL are legit. They are playing really well right now. I didn't give the Indians much of a chance earlier in the year and especially before their playoff game against FBM. FBM had already beaten PNG 35-14 in district play and most experts were picking FBM to take the region and get to Jerry's World. Although PNG only beat FBM by one score the Indians dominated on both sides of the ball. PNG may not win Friday night but I wouldn't bet against the Indians.
  8. They are really good and play nonstop throughout the game. Every 1st down. It's been an amazing experience for me this year going to their games. My oldest grandson plays tenor drums during marching season and has had the honor all year of leading the drumline and the football players under the stands and onto the field. My youngest plays bass drum during marching season. I'm very proud of them both.
  9. Both my grandsons are on the drumline at Port Neches-Groves. One's a senior and the other one is a freshman. We are bringing a crowd from NE Texas to see this game and of course to support my grandsons. Should be a great game and a wonderful experience for all.
  10. And the best band around!!! Of course I'm a little prejudice having both my grandsons on the Indian drumline.
  11. PN-G The Indians are playing as well as they have all year. If they can stop Liberty Hill's run game they can definitely win.
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