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  1. Fans, if you can't come to game or stream go to www.easttexasradio.com and choose K-Lake 97.7 fm. It's a Mt Vernon radio crew.
  2. Lol, it's definitely in your blood with the noise makers. Love the history. My son-in-law is in the Coast Guard and stationed there. He is set to retire next May but they will probably stay there at least till both boys graduate. Maybe even longer depending where the oldest goes to college.
  3. None, didn't try any. Grandview onside kicks we recovered 2. They tried 2.
  4. Coach X for President!!! Y'all be safe traveling this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving guys!!!
  5. It's evident by your comment that you haven't seen the Bears this year. DJ has plenty of help on offense. SMH
  6. I've been thinking about it for several years starting a thread with Gladewater stats that I keep but wasn't sure if anyone cared. I keep more than just game stats but since mine aren't official and because I'm old and I might have missed something here or there I haven't done it. I love doing stats but it's easy for most on here to go to a website like Maxpreps and get official stats. Also I don't keep tackles unless it is major in the game. Also it's hard for me to keep both offensive and defensive stats especially when our opponents are running hurry up, so I stick with doing the offense.
  7. My oldest grandson is on the drumline of the Indian band. All the tradition is fun to be a part of. Unfortunately I only have seen one game this year because of the distance but I always love being at the Reservation.
  8. I was wondering the whys of making the decision. I mean seems like Abe Martin or Homer Bryce might have been better but who knows if those were available.
  9. Have to support my grandsons. Bad thing for me is I'm not sure now if I will see them on Thanksgiving day.
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