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  1. I'll say Argyle vs Port Neches Groves
  2. I'm picking Longview but I've seen Port Arthur Memorial play this year and they are dangerous. Very athletic team but that being said I believe the Lobos can definitely come out on top.
  3. Last time we played them in playoffs it was in Sulphur Springs. They know how to keep the games close to Mt Vernon.
  4. A lot of Mt Vernon fans here at Chili's in Mt Pleasant.
  5. Exactly, plus turnovers hurt us when we were driving the ball. Those also gave Potts a short field. Also the unsuccessful onside kicks. I don't think we played bad last night. We had several plays and drives that could have easily gone our way but didn't. That's not an excuse. I'm just saying I saw some good things on both offense and defense that I believe would have made the game closer than the score indicated. Congrats to the Cardinals on advancing and good luck to the rest of our district tonight.
  6. I got here way too early. I was going to go to Grant but figured I'd lose less hanging out at Hobby Lobby.
  7. Gladewater finished in 4th in 2013 by the narrowest of margins and went 4 rounds in the playoffs. They weren't state final caliber but definitely overachieved and paved the way for the 2014 team.
  8. Congrats Jefferson on your district title. Keep it going next week.
  9. Anyone want to show a post where Gladewater fans have demanded Coach Louvier be fired? Pretty sure I haven't seen one this year. Only posts I've seen is from other team's fans who want to stir the pot. Not surprising though. You could say that about 90% of the posts from this district.
  10. What I want to know is why my vote for Gladewater was put on White Oak? Before you ask, I absolutely know I didn't vote for White Oak.
  11. I agree. I said earlier in the district games D5 would sweep but I don't believe that anymore. I think it's very possible we could split 2-2.
  12. I wish I could have watched it but I'm in Lubbock for the Baylor/TT game. Got to see Patrick Mahomes inducted into the Ring of Honor and of course loved seeing Baylor win.
  13. Great win Jefferson!!! Thanks for all the updates @Jeffersondawgs96
  14. Thanks for all the updates @Jeffersondawgs96
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