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  1. Prayers for Coach Warren and his family from Hughes Springs.
  2. Everybody except Redwater and Queen City.
  3. That doesn't surprise me about Stevens or Choate. Stevens is a real good pitcher and Choate is a legit prospect. It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out.
  4. I guess GS can put up the brooms, there won't be a two game sweep like everyone predicted. I knew this was gonna be a good series.
  5. Who said anything about Andy Malone? I thought we were talking about Tommy Stewart.
  6. He is one of the best in the state. He has won over 100 games in 4 years at Hughes Springs. If you remember his first year, when he took HS to the regional semi's, he wasn't loaded with talent. It's a subjective opinion of course, so we will have to agree to disagree.
  7. The winner of Hughes Springs vs. Quitman plays the winner of Daingerfield vs. Chapel Hill
  8. I assume you're talking about Johnson. He is a very good player and is probably ONE of the best 2A players in the state. Has he had any offers to play anywhere?
  9. I agree that velocity is exaggerated in High School a whole lot. Trust me, Mckinney throws in the 90's, not hits 90. Having said that, he may not even pitch Friday. It should be a good game.
  10. It tends to come when you earn it, and they definitely did that by upsetting New Diana in 2 games. They shouldn't have any problems with Chapel Hill. This series will be over in 2.
  11. Daingerfield should handle Chapel Hill pretty easily.
  12. Who does Daingerfield and Hooks match up with in the first round?
  13. QC has the advantage going in since they have the bye, but I'm gonna pick NB.
  14. I believe it goes like this: 1. H.S. 13-1 2. Hooks 11-3 3. N.B. 8-6 3. Q.C. 8-6 3. Daingerfield 8-6 I'm assuming there will be a playoff this weekend for the third spot.
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