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  1. No worries MAV It’s all chicken but the beak!
  2. MAV Texas High baseball did not play Pine Tree Saturday!??? Play Tuesday in Longview
  3. Oh yea on the Texarkana Radio Center App you will choose 107.9 FM The Fan
  4. 9-5A Fans you can listen to Crosby VS T-High by the Texarkana Radio Center App. Just google on your phone Texarkana Radio Center. it should take you to the App Store. Download the App get your popcorn ready and enjoy
  5. MavChamp does a great job with all the district stuff. But it’s Texas High Marshall week!! Ive got to raz him
  6. Banner at top has T-High 5-0 (3-2) what’s that??
  7. Mavchamp if 28 points a half and holding the opposing team to 17 points is an “Ugly win” I’ll take that Ugly to the dance every weekend and even buy the highest photo package available with the ole gal!! Lol just sayin
  8. ANTI you and LoboFsn 07 got it! My phone is going dead. Keep the reporting fair and balanced!! HaHa
  9. I believe it was 2’s for both teams still
  10. T-High got one behind Lobo secondary for long TD pass
  11. These programs do a great job with this controlled scrimmage every year. Good work for both clubs
  12. Thought he might have been out bounds just a tad. Looked like that score was Lobo 2’s and T-High 2’s
  13. 3-0 after Longview kicked the 2nd time after the holder fumbled the snap on first attempt. Stopped play and Lobos ran the FG play again
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