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  1. 36-10 final. Waskoms defense looked pretty good. Other than a couple of long pass plays RW never could get much going at all offensively. Waskoms Freshman RB had a really nice game. Offense got to clean up the penalties for sure but it was just the first game.
  2. thats a nice accomplishment. Congrats to him
  3. Heard him and ole boy from Pewitt went on a couples retreat to iron out their differences. They should both be back around July or August sometime
  4. Congrats Coach Pearson and Waskom. Im pretty excited about his hire. Personally always loved watching him get after it on the sidelines.
  5. Goodness. Ive seen Tatum doing this to everyone. Ill admit i dont follow basketball real close anymore but is Tatum that good or is this a weak district?
  6. I doubt it.. EFs probably tired of Keeling taking them to the woodshed.
  7. nah theres other soccer coaches out there!! Lol. Best if luck to all them that are going to tatum and to the powers that be in waskom
  8. One thing youre right on, if Franklin beats waskom by 30 they will crush Gunter in the Championship game but this game will be close either way
  9. Its pretty nice. Waskom played there against Arp during one of the state runs. I just wish we could be on the home side! Lol
  10. I kinda hope your right but on the same hand id like to be pushed some before a possible meetup with newton and the daingerfield.
  11. They were pretty salty in the mid 90s with Chad Royal (i think that was his name). I was a freshman and waskom went 8-2 and didnt make the playoffs since we finished 3rd behind New Diana and Ore City.
  12. Well half the team isnt recovering from covid so i guess there goes yalls only hope waskom 42-18
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