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  1. Athens came out thinking they were on Chill level. I think it was because they were 4-0 coming into district play. But it only took a few minutes for them to find out they were in way over their head with 28-0 in first quarter and 50-7 at the half.
  2. If you think Lindale is going to have a breakout game , not gonna happen this week !! Good Luck
  3. Chill is getting better every week. I'm hear to tell you that this is not the same team Lindale beat twice last year. The biggest difference is Chill is the defense , the final score doesn't reflect how good the D is. Coach Rio let the first team rest so our 2s and 3s get alot of playing time, and our opponents score on them2 or 3 tds. And for Lindale last year Jenkins was really the difference. He's gone now. How do yall think you're going to stop 8 backs and 8 receivers and all can take it to the House ?
  4. Everybody picking lindale in this one ? Coach Rio will have them Dogs ready. I'm taking Chill in this one for sure. Yall hit me back on Saturday.
  5. I like Chill position right now being the underdog coming in . Just the discipline they show on offense and defense will take them a long way. Code Blue !!!
  6. Well I'm not surprised with the egg , just found out that whitehouse hired Coach Hooker as oc which was Chapel Hill AD on last year. We experienced alot of eggs under his leadership.
  7. What information do you have on whitehouse that will suggest they are bad?
  8. I'm rolling with the Chill, they are back on track and I'm extremely excited about our kids and the culture that Coach Rio is setting in place. Code Blue. God, Family and Team
  9. I hate to see changes so soon but this is the nature of coaching life. Coaches have a very unstable job and trust me they know what they're getting into . I can only think of a few high school coaches that are fixtures where they are... Surratt ect.
  10. History has shown that every 20years Chapel Hill Football team rises to the top. Its been back to back 2010 and 2011 since we have been in the State Championship . I believe with Coach Jeff Riordan we're going to get back to the winning ways and back to top tier football again sooner than later. Mark my Word. Welcome to the Dawg House Coach and Family
  11. I am so excited for Chapel Hill,.........code Blue and Gold
  12. We are on our way back to the top!!!
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