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  1. Interesting. By almost every report, Murray looked notably better than Kendall. He was also on a much weaker team.
  2. I'm not worried about FAU now that Briles is in Houston.
  3. Everything I have heard says Mike Stoops is stay. Riley has made it clear what he wants to see and Mike has a year to deliver.
  4. At the end of the day, unless there are criminal charges, a lot of peoples hands are tied from just passing out punishments without forking over tons of money in settlements and buyouts.
  5. Yes, protecting them because they knew and did nothing. The issue is the NCAA likely needs new information to do anything. Simply punishing them for what they knew 8 years ago won't fly. But again, the NCAA/MSU/B10 are not criminal organizations. They are not there to punish players/coaches criminally and aren't responsible for doing so. As long as they can prove they followed procedure, there is nothing anyone can do.
  6. It's worse than Baylor because they can't plead ignorance here. It won't be covered as much because there are multiple brands of value (MSU/B10) to protect.
  7. Dino was one of the minds behind Briles offenses. The talent is hurting at Cuse, but the scheme is there. If Dino isn't hired by someone else first, he will definitely find a way to build that offense around AA
  8. I think it's a great choice. Dino Barber has a good thing going there and he can really make a splash against some quality competition. If he was looking for opportunity, he will have it in Syracuse.
  9. Terrible. You never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors.
  10. "The Texas Rangers announced in March that they’d look into Baylor’s handling of sexual assault by students. The Texas Rangers are the state’s top criminal investigative unit, charged with looking into major crimes. Livingstone said she does not “have any sense of the timeframe on that one."" From December
  11. Kennedy Brooks RS last season, but remember that name. His HS numbers were not a fluke. (885 carries, 7646 yards and 96 TDs)
  12. Missed calls by the officials, missed kicks, missed tackles, bads sacks taken by the QBs, and missed QBs were what brought it back to life.
  13. I would be furious if OU hired him. I am not going to condemn another school for doing so, though.
  14. The girls could have pursued criminal charges at any point. Most still can. They chose to go civil and get settlement money instead, or had their case thrown out in court like the one today.
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