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  1. I'm so ecstatic. Do I think we can win it all. I'm realistic. Glen Rose will be tough....... and Bellville looks to be a monster. But for tonight, I'm gonna relish in a team that wasn't scared of the Big Bad Wolf. I am so proud of my Buckeyes
  2. Gilmer is much improved the last four games.......because their strength of schedule greatly decreased. But, Center won't have the horses to beat this high powered offense. This game may break the scoreboard.
  3. I'm a Buckeye thru and thru. But I'm still wondering what you saw in the first 2 games that made you have a prediction like this.
  4. Dang, is Paris down that bad this year?
  5. You have your opinion and I have mine. At that time Gilmer was owning Tatum. Nobody was more excited that Gilmer lost that year than Tatum. And you guys had a good team........you also had maybe the easiest road to a state championship ever that year. But you won it and we didn't. Can't take that trophy away now.
  6. 2005 Gilmer that lost to Canton in the craziest game I ever saw and 2006 Gilmer team that lost to LE. We should have won 3 in a row.
  7. Buckeyes starting to roll. It's 49- 20 midway through 3rd.
  8. Gilmer 28 LE 20 with 4 minutes in 2nd left. Buckeye DBs are getting blistered so far.
  9. I understand completely. But it's good to get the kids some recognition. Positivity is always a bonus.
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