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  1. Buckeyes starting to roll. It's 49- 20 midway through 3rd.
  2. Gilmer 28 LE 20 with 4 minutes in 2nd left. Buckeye DBs are getting blistered so far.
  3. I understand completely. But it's good to get the kids some recognition. Positivity is always a bonus.
  4. I actually thought we have been playing pretty clean. I haven't seen an overload of stupid penalties all year.
  5. No. What cost you the game last week was holding on to the ball and throwing it to the wrong team.
  6. This may not be the biggest or toughest team we have fielded lately. But without a doubt........this is the fastest Gilmer Buckeyes team I have ever seen. They got kids all over the field that can absolutely fly.
  7. Nothing like a good debate over the 1st scrimmage. My daddy can whip your daddy. Lmao
  8. Celina would have rolled Van. They don't matchup well with Gilmer. Never have. They would have matched up much more to their favor against Van.
  9. I would agree. Didn't he go undefeated?
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