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  1. 2 minutes ago, UnclePigg said:

    No le gusta football; mucho mucho le gusta futbol! In all honesty man it is sad to see the number of once dominant Texas HS teams that are no longer relevant because of this…and it’s only going to get worse. Sad but true 

    How long since Jacksonville was dominant? And I just read an article a little over a week ago, that listed Jacksonville as one of the top 10 worst towns to live in Texas. Maybe they just wanted out of there!!!

  2. 2 hours ago, Jack Reacher said:

    This is Randy’s other son? Did they move to Gilmer? Isn’t he on the school board at JVille?

    This is Randy's son. Yes the entire family moved to Gilmer.  And I don't have a clue if he was on the school board. 

  3. On 7/30/2023 at 9:24 PM, Eagle8 said:

    2005 Tatum woulda beat yall. And you shoulda seen how crazy our game with Canton was the following week.

    You have your opinion and I have mine. At that time Gilmer was owning Tatum. Nobody was more excited that Gilmer lost that year than Tatum. And you guys had a good team........you also had maybe the easiest road to a state championship ever that year. But you won it and we didn't.  Can't take that trophy away now. 

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