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  1. if you have a 5 spot they are gonna let you in:thumbsup:
  2. the Hill and the Jeffersons...............well we're moving on up!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
  3. there are some really good teams in 2a!!!!!!!!!! for some reason that classification really jumps out when you look at the polls.
  4. Union Hill 78 and 82 Big Sandy 73,74, and 75
  5. just spoke with the super at Arp ISD and him not being a member of smoaky.com, he asked me to relay you this message. "Arp put in the turf with a gift that was earmarked for that purpose. It is paid for in full. The also have a brand new library and four state of the art science labs built when the bond issue passed two years ago. Thank You." Mr Lowery also told me to let you know that you may contact him at his office at 903-859-8482. Have a nice day Mr. Walrus.:thumbsup:
  6. finished very impressive. kudos to the coaching staff and the kids. great job:clap::clap:
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