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  1. Grown folks talk on football boards. Kids play the games. There isn't a kid in that field house that doesn't think we can't win. This is a stepping stone, a building block of things to come.......but tomorrow its a shot for all the marbles. They have done well and I'm proud of every one of them no matter what the outcome. The ole oblong ball bounces funny sometimes. Maybe tomorrow it will bounce our way a few times.
  2. Lol. They think every other teams duty is to punt on 4th down. We stopped you for 3 downs and now you must kick to us. On the other hand, as far as they are concerned, we are in 4 down territory from our own 15.
  3. Hey, hey........I got a shout out on the State Championship show
  4. Dang. Its not like they they have been to that many more championship games than us.......we can have routines also.
  5. Tickets, tickets. I got tickets right off the 50 yard line. Probably about the 45
  6. Nothing to do with the game but I was watching the NFR last night and there was a bareback rider with last name Tilden. Did he play football for Carthage?
  7. Guy last name Tildon was bareback rider at NFR. He play football for Carthage?
  8. Thats not hard for us. Liberty Hill and Navasota......be like damn
  9. Do these 2 play every year. Lol. I went to one of these a few years ago in Wichita Falls on my way out west hunting.
  10. Then those all state corners better be ready to hit because Jenkins will be coming to see them.
  11. The LBJ schedule is not that intimidating at all. They have lost twice. Once to Lampasas that some thought would be where they are now. There best 2 wins have really come in the last 2 weeks against Callallen and Miller. I say Lindale advances to the ship in a wild shootout.
  12. Why is LBJ not saying the exact same thing. They score at will and give up copious amounts of points. Both teams are mirrors of each other. Are they not? Over is probably 110.
  13. Have some history here and its been good for Gilmer in the past.
  14. That was a while ago. The Turner kid has graduated from Rice and is now coaching. Traylors son took over from there. Man the years run together. Thats been a minute.
  15. Seems like we won a low scoring contest like 17-14 or something like that. That may have been further back. Im getting old
  16. Was that the last time we beat yall or have we got one in between all the beatings you have put on us?
  17. I was a little disappointed in QB play from CM. I thought this kid was electric. Aside from a huge run in the 1st half, I didn't see a lot. Passing was mediocre at best. There was no doubt who the best QB on the field was last night and he had a big G on his helmet.
  18. When I was in High School, Caddo Mills was playing Union Hill. What the hell happened
  19. Ima have to put my long handles on for this one
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