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  1. I think PG will just be a little much for us this time around. I haven't seen enough on the offensive side of the ball to tell me otherwise. Hopefully we stay in the game, give a good run and gain confidence for the next time that I believe we will play. The 4 the round game in the end is the one that will matter.
  2. We were snapping the ball in the 4th quarter with 25 seconds on the play clock. I don't get the mentality of what we are trying to accomplish. I guess our arrogance just tells us don't worry about how much time is left. Anyhow we managed a W. Move on to the next one.
  3. We do seem to be improving and also gaining confidence. Got to stop the stupid and sometimes silly penalties.
  4. We did exactly what we were supposed to do. Excellent job Bucks!!!
  5. The difference is both of those QB's had some mobility. Our offense works much better with a mobile QB. 12 can throw the ball there is no doubt. But mobility is not one of his stronger traits. 11 gives us much more versatility but he never throws. I'm just gonna go to the games, and cheer loud. Be quiet and not anybody off The defense will be our best friend this year.
  6. That's why I was politically correct with my post. I don't dislike 12. We are just more versatile with 11. How's that
  7. QB situation is questionable. We just seem to be more dynamic with Tennison in but I have no idea how well he can throw because he hardly ever does.
  8. I haven't even read this.......but I am wondering why Dawgs/Bucks is still a topic
  9. But I thought it was funny when I said it
  10. PG fixing to beat the Wooooo Pig Soieee out of Atl
  11. You were correct. Bucks looked a lot better last night other than the penalties. Be excited to watch us against Paris next week.
  12. Gilmer up 34 to 14 and about to close the deal. I'm a little surprised but very happy. It ain't over but it's been a much better showing than last week.
  13. I was at the game where ATL fumbled twice inside the 10 and we gave up 250 yards rushing. We have plenty of room for improvement. That's all I'm saying. Atlanta was not that impressive.
  14. I hope our D looks better than it did Friday night. We had "shining moments" but over all I didn't thing ATL looked very good and we still gave up nearly 30.
  15. QB play should be better also. They back and forth last year was garbage. Mason has the reigns this year. He looks to be much bigger and stronger. Gilmer is always better when the QB is a little of a running threat. Hopefully he will move a little more than he did last year.
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