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  1. Always. Normally we play until late November or sometimes into December. It does make for a long year
  2. Them pushovers from Cuero showing out. Me and Regal tried to tell y'all early in the week but most didn't want to hear it.
  3. All those thinking PG already has this thing won........you have another thing coming. These guys are tried and tested. I had them picked to win from the beginning. Ole Regal knows what he is talking about.
  4. Last night I got to the game right at kickoff. Gilmer had a pretty good crowd so I decided to just stand on scoreboard end by myself. With 5 minutes left in the half the band came and blocked my view. I didn't move, didn't complain. Hell I didn't even get mad. Figured watching them warm up was better than watching the game.
  5. That's what I been saying........but the smartest guy on the thread wants to just spew and keep poop stirred up.
  6. We have played 4 teams better than anyone we would see in the 1st 2 rounds. I'm not saying that what we are going to do, I'm just saying it wouldn't surprise me if we do play 3 or 4 rounds.
  7. Gilmer has lost to 3 of last years state champs who may all wind up winning it again and by one point to a fine Paris team that just gave Argyle all they wanted. 4-4 is not the norm in Buckeye land. But it's also not all doom and gloom. I could easily see us going 3 or even 4 rounds deep in the playoffs in a very statewide watered down 4A DII.
  8. 9 pages......lol what y'all talking about over here?
  9. I watched the Kilgore scrimmage and actually thought the D looked better. After giving up 41 and 41 I guess we about the same.
  10. I like the way 22 runs the ball. He is a North and South guy. Van didn't have a lot of answers for him.
  11. Kudos to Van. You outplayed us and won everything but the scoreboard. I hope our young team takes this and grows from it. We should have been beat. NEVER QUIT!!!
  12. I'm trying to. Defense gave up some points but I still believe we are improved over last year. Actually more worried about the QB play than anything. This week should give us a good insight to where we are going.
  13. This game scares me. We are going to lose to someone we shouldn't lose to and this could be the one. That playing half a game won't work. Have to play all four quarters. 2 quarters last Friday night were ugly.
  14. Even though Gilmer gave up several tds in the controlled portion , I thought the defense was noticeably improved. Time will tell though.
  15. Haters gonna hate. Even in bad years we still playing 14 or 15 games and we are down. Lololol. Schools be begging to have one of our "bad seasons"
  16. Turner was the Mastermind. Traylor was the discipline. That is what we are lacking.
  17. Made the treck to Vernon Friday night. We left when Gunter scored on the 1st possession of the 2nd half. That made it 42-14 I believe. There was no doubt who the best team was. Newton gonna have their hands full I'm afraid.
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