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Found 7 results

  1. Did anyone start practice today or did everyone have spring ball? Numbers? Scrimmages? Marshall Vs. Carthage Aug 19 Pine Tree Vs. Longview Aug 19
  2. Mt. Pleasant currently sits at 0-3 going into this game against Jacksonville. It is Homecoming for the Tigers and they host their second opponent at home this week. Will the Tigers get their first win of the season or will Jacksonville be too much for the tigers for the third year in a row? MP comes off a loss against Sherman and Jacksonville defeated Hallsville on Friday night. Who you got?
  3. Just read that the Greenville Lions head coach is retiring. Heard he is a good man and he worked some magic there at Greenville. Wonder how many will be interested in this one?
  4. OK, Greenville's first year in the deep Piney Woods region in seemingly forever, and definitely my first year (the I-20 section, not I-30) is over; here's a bit of what I learned (if you don't care, just click the back button): 1) The speed limit on I-20 is infinity. I need to strap some nitro to my car just to keep up with the flow of traffic for the Marshall game next year. (1A) I'll take the speed demons of ET over the gridlock of the Metromess any day. 2) After three tries, I just can't pass through the town of Big Sandy without thinking of a crude joke about the ex. No offense. To the town, I mean. 3) Pine Tree's fight song, Grand Old Flag, is awesome. Most of our crowd was singing along when they came out at halftime. 4) Hallsville's stadium reminds me a LOT of our old stadium, Phillips field. A little nicer, larger, and a lot more purple, but still, nostalgic. (That's a good thing, for me.) 5) Longview. Lol. They looked like they could beat some D-3 college teams the way they handled us. 6) It helps to have a car that can get to Jackson, MS from here on one tank of gas. $17 in gas to get to Longview/Hallsville and back is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you have to do it three times in five weeks. It's an ugly 24-year old commuter car, though, so it breaks even. Wonder if it'll even hold nitro. 7) You guys probably see it a lot, but it was a first for me. Highway 80 from Mineola to Hawkins is a heck of a view, especially at sunset. 8) If I want stats, I just look for LoboFan07. He'll have the stats up that I want before I even know I want them. :) 9) Thanks for the hospitality. Each road game, the home crowd was pretty friendly. An entire season without a "Greenville ####" chant is a welcome change. :) Same for this website. Thanks for putting up with me and my lack of knowledge of East Texas south of I-30. 10) Probably most importantly...winning > not winning. We had a good team by our standards this year, and hopefully we'll give some folks more of a challenge in 2015. If I think of more, I'll post it later. Hope you got at least a chuckle.
  5. This is, obviously, the Game of the Year in District 15-5A. These two juggernauts meet for the first time in many years (maybe ever?)...with plenty of bragging rights on the line. For Greenville...they went into last offseason saddled with a 40-game losing streak. They'd love nothing better than to go into this offseason having reset the losing streak to Zero. (Obviously, Pine Tree wants the same thing for themselves.) The Lions only have three victories coming in to their season finale, but this has already been the most successful season of the decade for them. They have even managed to steal a district win to go along with two nondistrict victories. The Lions are trying for their first victory of the season over a team who comes into the contest with at least one win already. For Pine Tree...honestly, I'm not too familiar with the Pirates or their recent history. They are currently 1-8 and also claim a district victory. It may not mean much to the rest of the district, but sixth place looks a whole lot better than seventh to Pine Tree (and Greenville.) This clash of District 15-5A Superheavyweights is sure to be an instant classic.
  6. Greenville vs Sulphur Springs Greenville is coming off an embarrassing loss at Longview where they seemingly didn't even get off the bus. Sulphur Springs is coming off a victory over Mount Pleasant. Last time these teams got together, Sulphur Springs started taking knees...with SIX minutes left in the game. It was not well received in Lion Land. This is always a heated rivalry that has been heavily slanted towards the Wildcats as of late. (Sorry 'bout the SS logo...couldn't find a large one, so had to blow this one up to size, hence the jaggedness.)
  7. This game kicks off District 15-5A play this year. Greenville has ended a few losing streaks in nondistrict play (first overall win, first road win, first home win, first nondistrict win, all since 2009) but beginning this week, the games now count towards making the playoffs and the degree of difficulty rises exponentially. Greenville has not defeated the Tigers in the last decade, losing their last four contests, the most recent occurring in 2011, falling 21-14. Greenville's main motivation this season has been simply to snap the insanely long losing streak they had coming into this season, and to begin to turn around a losing culture in the Hunt County seat. They have accomplished the first already, and have begun the process on the second. They're basically playing with house money in district play this year. I'm afraid I don't know much about the 2014 Mount Pleasant Tigers, I'll let someone from there fill us in. Mount Pleasant: 0-3 (0-0 district), 7th (tie) in District 15-5A Greenville: 2-1 (0-0 district), 1st (tie) in District 15-5A
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