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Found 11 results

  1. The 6-4, 3-1 Riders will play the 6-3, 2-2 Longhorns in Woodville @ 7:30p on Friday, 11/15. Tickets for the game will be $7 for adults and $5 for students. Thoughts?
  2. Center 6-3, 3-0. Jasper 6-1, 3-0. (two games cancelled, Lumberton and WOS). Both teams have played against Shepherd, Tarkington and Huntington. Center 42 Shepherd 35, Center 62 Tark 42, Center 62 Huntington 13. Jasper 51 Shepherd 21, Jasper 48 Tark 3, Jasper 53 Huntington 7. Winner wins district
  3. Center 5-3, 2-0. Huntington 1-7, 1-1. Devils are a run/pass team and their defense is about as good as the Riders D. They've got pretty good size on both sides of the ball. Both teams have played against Tarkington. Center 62 Tark 42 Huntington 28 Tark 6 Huntington surprised a lot folks after not just by defeating Tarkington, but how they defeated them. So the Riders better not underestimate the Red Devils and be ready to play on Friday night.
  4. Center 4-3, 1-0. Shepherd 2-5, 1-1. Don't know much about the Pirates other then that they are a run/pass team and their defense pretty decent. Both teams have played against Tarkington. Center 62 Tark 42 Shepherd 42 Tark 25 If the Pirates can slow down the Riders explosive offense, it could be a long night for the Riders.
  5. Probably one of the better teams Tarkington has had in five years. I don't see them stopping Horace. If Center can shut down their passing game, Riders should win by 3 tds. 56-27 Center
  6. Riders have a long trip to Brownsboro. All I know about the Bears is that they're 1-4 and that only win came against a 0-5 3A West team. Thoughts?? Center by 14
  7. Riders definitely got their work cut out for them in this one. Should be a very entertaining game if you like high scoring. Center by 10
  8. Homecoming for the Lions. Anyone have an opinion on how this one will come out?
  9. Are these 2 teams playing this week ?and if so who will be the victor ?
  10. Thoughts? Last year was a fluke to many including Center folks. Center is still looking for coaches, lost best player...... Tatum appears to have staff in order but needing to replace QB. Early take, Tatum by 28.
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