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I also second that, again.


Here is the info I posted earlier...


There is an app called Tapatalk that supports forums, so SDC could join without having to design their own app. The Tapatalk app states that it is free for forums to join. Here is their info:


Quoord Systems




I'm technology challenged on stuff like this--does it cost money to join?


If you don't mind---do all the leg work for me and we'll decide, okay?


David Smoak

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Only 3 easy steps to make your forum iPhone Native!:


Registration to the Forum Owner Area is free and easy. Once you enter, you will be guided by the 3 step wizard. The first step is to download a Tapatalk Plugin that's compatible with your forum system (Currently vBulletin and phpBB3 are supported). The Plugin is designed to be safe and easy to install/uninstall. It does not modify or replace any of your current system configurations however it inherits all of your forum security policies. And uninstall is as easy as removing a directory.



Once you have installed the Plugin, you can submit your forum information including your forum URL and logo to be displayed on iPhone. The wizard can also determine whether you have installed the plug-in successfully. This allow your forum members to access to your forum without entering your forum URL on the mobile device.



Assuming you have installed the latest Tapatalk Plug-in at your server, your forum is ready to be published to Tapatalk Network so your members can find their way to your forum on Tapatalk iPhone client. You can either make it appear to everyone (great for exposure!) or set it as "Search Only" where only people knowing your forum name can discover it. NEW: starting from Aug 15th we have added a iPhone Analytic feature where you can check how many active iPhone users on your forum!


FAQ from Forum Owner:


Q: How much does it cost?

A: As a forum owner you are free to publish your forum to a Tapatalk Network, however we charge a US$2.99 a copy of Tapatalk iPhone downloaded from the Apple App Store.


Q: Which forum system does it currently support?

A: Currently phpBB3 and vBulletin 3.7 and 3.8 are supported.


Q: I have multiple forums, Can I publish more than one forum on Tapatalk Network?

A: Yes, you can and additional forums are free also.


Q: What about a client for Google Android?

A: This is currently in development but with no specific time-line and release date. This network will be accessible from the up-coming Tapatalk Android app.


Q: How does the Tapatalk Plug-in work with my forum system security?

A: The Plugin is designed to inherit all security policies from your forum system. For example, if a specific sub-forum is a restricted access, the Tapatalk iPhone client would not be able to access it unless the logging member has the authority to access it.


Q: Is this service compatible with all other 3rd party modifications that I have installed on my forum system?

A: While we don't guarantee the Tapatalk Plugin will work with all your existing modification. The 15-days free-trial period allows you to experiment the compatibility. We have tested with many forums with certain degree of modifications and majority of them work well with Tapatalk. Support for modified forums are courtesy basis only and we will not provide refund or any trouble-shooting if it is found that your modification caused the Tapatalk from working as designed.


Q: My organization also developed a forum system, how I can make it compatible with Tapatalk iPhone so our customers / members would be able to use iPhone app to access?

A: We can provide different level of support to assist you to develop a similar plugin system that speaks the Tapatalk language. Just drop us an email of what you have in mind.

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quicker loading and just easier access to forum


No kidding some sites are definitely not mobile friendly. I agree that an app is easier to navigate and get what you want rather than zoom in and click on the small links of some pages. Or when you search and click a link from a search result and it brings up a mobile site it takes you to a generic page and not the page you intended. I haven't seen the browser on a blackberry though. Sometimes I think I should have gotten the bb rather than the iPhone lol...

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I've asked our server company about this option and from they told me---it's not available for our system.


I don't know what that means because I'm technologically-information-challenged.


If someone has another idea, we'll listen.


Always wanting to make it better.


Thank you.


David Smoak


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