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2009 Fall Classic  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Phillies in 4
    • Phillies in 5
    • Phillies in 6
    • Phillies in 7
    • Yankees in 4
    • Yankees in 5
    • Yankees in 6
    • Yankees in 7

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‘not to condone Andy Pettitte’s RBI-single :whome:, but you guys know I love these type of lists:






Ken Holtzman, Athletics -- 1974 World Series Game 4 (solo home run)

Tim Stoddard, Orioles -- 1979 World Series Game 4 (RBI single)

Mike Boddicker, Orioles -- 1983 World Series Game 2 (sacrifice fly)

Mike Moore, Athletics -- 1989 World Series Game 4 (2-RBI double)

David Cone, Blue Jays -- 1992 World Series Game 2 (RBI single)

Chad Ogea, Indians -- 1997 World Series Game 6 (2-RBI single)

Daisuke Matsuzaka, Red Sox -- 2007 World Series Game 3 (2-RBI single)

Andy Pettitte, Yankees -- 2009 World Series Game 3 (RBI single)

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What a great comeback tonight. The Yanks were down 3 runs, but they came back. I knew "Godzilla" wasn't going to be in the outfield in the trip to Philly. Joe Giarardi is showing that he is a Great Manager. He is placing each and every piece of the puzzle in place, and I appreciated the pinch hit shot by Hideki.


I'm starting to see some doubt in the Phillies dugout. That's not a good sign for a comeback. Tomorrow is another day at the ballpark. C.C. is kicking himself in the rear for the mistakes that he made in Game 1, he's not going to be throwing trash in game 4.


Let's Go Yankees !!!

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Yankees played great last night. Two more wins, and No. 27 is home.


When Ryan Howard put that ball in play, finally, he stopped a streak of six straight strikeouts.


Mr. Cheapy, do you know what two players share the record for most consecutive strikeouts in the World Series?


Side note: I hope Charlie Manuel severely regrets starting Blanton tonight. Go Yanks!

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I do not understand why the Phillies are beaning the Yankees strike out artist. Now the Umps are warning both benches ????? We haven't beaned anyone. A pitcher needs to be able to brush back hitters 'a la Bob Gibson. That's rubbish. Tex needs to get out his slump too, geeze louise what is he waiting for a called strikeout ???

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Cheer, cheer, Cheer. 1 more to go, and tomorrow will be tough. Now is not the time to celebrate. Someone mentioned something earlier about Yankee relief, cough, cough. We can celebrate in Philly, or we can go back home. The Yankees better be prepared. They had the chance to not have to rally, but didn't listen to the delay call by the umpire.



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I knew after Damon stole 3rd, it was over for the Phillies. That play by the Phillies reminded me of a little league defense last night. :coolball:


What was hard for me to believe about that "double steal" by Damon was that instead of getting over to 3B to cover, Brad Lidge was just standing around! Get over to 3B!!! Super smart heads up play by Damon, though, to see no one was at 3B.

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The same thing happened with Dewey. The Yankees have to battle back, but we're used to be kicked around by non-Yankee fans. We can handle the barbs they throw our way. At least Tex is swinging the bat, it's amazing that the announcers aren't saying "the tying run is at the plate" . I'm getting tired head of hearing that phrase. AFRAUD up to bat, he came in for us in the first, how about now ? bloop.


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