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Elkhart Reassigns AD/Football Coach Tim Lewis

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Adair needs to hire a football coach that will allow him to have a great fall baseball program. If my memory serves me correctly, Adair finished 4th in a 17 district last year with arguably one of the top 10 baseball players in the state on his team. Elkhart ISD can only hope to make the baseball team proud. ....and yeah....Spacek would be a great choice, but only if he could be Lucky Gamble with him.

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There ya go! Bring on the flex quail! Think Timmy P can be persuaded to leave the bright lights of the big city??


Timmy P is a longtime supporter of Elk baseball - just ask little Katie!

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1. Adair is only the interim AD

2. If you try to have fall baseball in a 2a school you might as well cancel the football program

3. It's obvious where the priorities are on this one if the admin reflects those statements



On point #2 - it's a joke, that's the point! Too much emphasis is placed on baseball with no football off season...why do you think they ####?

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