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Jackson leaving Lone Oak for Mesquite Poteet

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Smoaky.com has learned Randy Jackson has been offered and accepted the head football coaching and campus coordinator job at Mesquite Poteet.


Jackson has an overall record of 84-37 in ten years as head coach, including 50-20 over the last six years at Lone Oak.


Jackson, the son of legendary football and basketball coach Raymond Jackson, will be recommended at a school board meeting in early-March.


Jackson was also 9-4 in one-year at DeKalb, 4-8 in one-year at Mason, and 21-5 in two-years at Paducah.


His teams have won at least one playoff game in nine of his ten years.


Poteet has suffered through consecutive 1-9 seasons, and if approved, Jackson will replace Charles Hesse.

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Congratulations to Coach Jackson - he'll have Poteet up and running in no time. Still wonder about "what might have been" had Randy not gotten the total shaft two years ago .... good luck, Randy. Poteet got them a good one.

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frontrunners at Lone Oak?



Jackson was head and shoulders above the coaches around him, no doubt about that. Great man to boot. Wish him the best of luck in his future.


Great question here, physical. has anybody heard yet which coaches might be considered frontrunners in replacing Coach Jackson at The Tree?


Any of you Lone Okians, please help JmickyJ.

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