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Next Fall - 14-4A Volleyball outlook


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I like it. Lotta people are ready to start talking football, so why not vball (it starts earlier).


Offhand, I would expect Hallsville ('09 dist. champ), Pine Tree ('09 runner-up) and Whitehouse ('09 dist. champ) to take the top three spots. Don't know the details of what each team loses and gains for next season, but they are all perennial contenders. Nac and JT also made the playoffs (both 4th place) last year.

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How will John Tyler do at the 4A level this upcoming season?


Of course, dropping to the next level doesn't guarantee success ... sometimes you hit tougher districts.


I would expect JT to be no better than middle of the pack in 14-4A. However, this is based on a general perception of the JT program (as well as their new 4A opponents) over the last few years rather than any specific knowledge of this season's teams.

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