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Grapeland Volleyball Tournament


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Here are the final standings for the different pools before bracket play tomorrow.


Pool A - 1. Elkhart 2. Hubbard 3. Trinity 4. Apple Springs 5. Timpson

Pool B - 1. Westwood 2. Grapeland 3. Jacksonville 4. Kennard 5. Chester JV

Pool C - 1. Warren 2. Coolidge 3. Lovelady 4. Groveton 5. Chester

Pool D - 1. Cayuga 2. Palestine 3. New Waverly 4. Latexo 5. Trinity JV


It has been a lot of fun to watch so far.

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Results for the Sandiettes Volleyball Tournament

Gold Bracket -

First Place - Cayuga

Second Place - Palestine

Third Place - Elkhart

Consolation - Westwood


Silver Bracket -

First Place - Trinity

Second Place - Latexo

Third Place - Lovelady

Consolation - Groveton

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