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Oldie but goodie Appraisal System

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The BAST--Basic Appraisal System for Teachers--This was created circa 1999 in Eustace, Texas by some "old and dusty" veteran teacher and been added to for newer things.


The mission statement for this system is: Paint the car. It does not matter what the insiide of anything looks like, just as long as the outside looks good to the public.


Domains are as follows:


I. Always carry a breifcase (laptop bag nowadays)

II. Do not get administrators phone calls from parents or community members.

III. Do not send anyone to the office that might draw attention to yourself.

IV. Do not fail anyone....this will result in you failing Domain II.

V. Do not mess with Special Education, 504, ELL, Autistic, Aspergers, or any other newfound ailments.

VI. Do not spend any money on the students.


The breakdown of the chain of command is as follows:


Teachers are scared of the principal, principal is scared of the supt, the supt is scared of school board, the board scared of parents, parents scared of kids......KIDS scared of no one!!


Enjoy and take it as you like.....try not to be too serious!!

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I am an old Eustace guy, but don't remember that quote. Sounds like a Coach Brown quote to me.


Sorry ... I can't take credit for this one --- someone far wiser than me is responsible for this one ...

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Paint the car! My personal favorite, though, ... "ya plant a cocklebur, ya get a cocklebur"


You guys oughta be around here Saturday, the 9th. The alumni game is gonna be played at Kemp on that day. It's gonna be hilarious ..... can't wait to get my popcorn and coke and get me a spot on the rail ....

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