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Sabine @ Tatum



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  1. 1. Who wins

    • Tatum
    • Sabine

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I generally get to the game, home or away, pretty early. It's usually about 6:30 when I arrive. You will know "The Lowd Croud" (or at least the first wave of us... lol) has arrived when you see the green water bottles sitting in the visitors stands at the 50 about 2-3 rows up. But until then, we have some Cardinals to take care of.

That should cover all of war eagle stadium lol....


JK ND peeps... Looking forward to trip up there next week.. Anywhere to eat besides Big Daves?

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Sabine will battle and give it there all, but its just not gonna be near enough. I do give them a 50/50 chance to win the coin flip. :thumbsup:



I wish the UIL would have stuck us in D'fields district, but then again, the UIL probably wanted D'field to have a chance at the DC this year..... lol

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poor sabine no tatum stay in 2a lol . Your nothern rusk county neighbors want nothing from you and I am not talking bout west rusk


I've always wanted to see Tatum and Henderson square off.....maybe in the future we'll get to see it.


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This game gets out of hand early how many does Tatum want?


Eagleborn that 3a question unless they have changed the rule you can petition to play up a class


So if Dr. Hart would like u in 3a tell him to petition!

the rest of us in 2a are all for it lol

Only way you can petition up is if you are a part of a ISD with mutiple schools that are playing up....

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It definitely looks like people are being funny more than making an educated guess in this pole. There is NO way that many people actually think Sabine has a chance. Prove us wrong SABINE!!!!!..... or at least make it an interesting game.


I'm hoping they make it interesting too. Closer games make for better entertainment. Blowouts look good but dont do anything for the blood pressure.

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Could be a score similar to the J.T./P.T. game.



Nope. Evans has way to much class to do something like that. I will be surprised if we score over 50 pts. Not that we could not do it, but he just controls the game and does not want to do that to any team. I tend to agree with his coaching and like what I am seeing. He is definately getting the passing game ready for the playoffs. If he handed off at least 10 times to any of our top 3 runners, they will score at least one if not two touchdowns in those carries. I just hope our defense keeps showing what they can do and improve each week.

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