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20-2A Volleyball Standings


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I believe these are the district results so far: (correct me if I am wrong)


Elysian Fields 6-0 vs. Waskom Friday

Tatum 5-1 (lost to EF) @ Queen City Friday

Queen City 4-2 (lost to EF & Tatum) vs. Tatum Friday

Waskom 2-4 (beat Jefferson & LK) @ EF Friday

Jefferson 1-5 (beat LK) vs. L-K Saturday

Linden-Kildare 0-6 @ Jefferson Saturday

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Tatum plays EF Friday 4:30 for Seeding in the Play-offs



Queen City will play New Diana Monday or Tuesday 11/1or2


EF will play Harmony on NOV> 1 or 2




Another example of who ever drew up the VB Districts was on something. Queen City and ND a lot closer the other teams in both disrticts. They can be in same football district but different VB district.

maybe the UIL was trying to get a little money to a retired UIL personal in an Alz, unit at the nursing home.

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