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Mexia vs Athens


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D.J. Weathers started the game and played about three minutes. I'm not sure he ever touched the ball.


Mexia led all of the first half. Athens got back-to-back steals in its third-quarter run to the lead and the Hornets moved up by nine at one point.


Athens completely controlled the boards, but the Blackcats rallied back into it. D.J. Robinson was at the free throw line , shooting for a tie. Down one, he missed his second shot. Leon Gray got a rare Mexia offensive rebound and passed out to Mister Carroll, who drained a 3.


Mexia built a four-point lead on a Carroll free throw and Athens got a 3-pointer with about four seconds left and the clock ran out without an inbound.


It was the first time I had seen either team. Athens was by far the better team inside.


But for Mexia to win without its best player was pretty impressive. Fun game to watch.

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