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Sandiette Volleyball Classic


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Pool A - Palestine, Latexo, Coolidge, Elkhart

Pool B - Hubbard, Grapeland JV, Kennard, Trinity

Pool C - Timpson, Grapeland, Jacksonville, Apple Springs

Pool D - Chester, New Waverly, Timpson JV, Cayuga


Pools A & B played today. Pools C & D will play tomorrow with Bracket play on Saturday.


Order of finish

Pool A - Elkhart (3-0), Palestine (2-1), Coolidge (1-2), Latexo (0-3)

Pool B - Hubbard, Kennard, Trinity, Grapeland JV


I don't remember the records from Pool B, but I know that tiebreakers were needed, so im guessing 2-1 or 1-2 across the board.

Top two teams from each pool advance to the Gold Bracket, and the bottom two teams advance to the Silver Bracket.

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Final Pool Results


Pool A - Elkhart (3-0), Palestine (2-1), Coolidge (1-2), Latexo (0-3)

Pool B - Hubbard (2-1), Kennard (2-1), Trinity (2-1), Grapeland JV (0-3)

Pool C - Grapeland (3-0), Jacksonville (2-1), Timpson (1-2), Apple Springs (0-3)

Pool D - Cayuga (3-0), New Waverly (2-1), Chester (1-2), Timpson JV (0-3)


Bracket play will begin at 8:00 am tomorrow.


Gold Bracket:

Elkhart vs. Kennard

Hubbard vs. Palestine

Grapeland vs. New Waverly

Cayuga vs. Jacksonville


Silver Bracket:

Coolidge vs. Grapeland JV

Trinity vs. Latexo

Timpson vs. Timpson JV

Chester vs. Apple Springs

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