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CKT vs Malakoff


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Driskell has turned a corner for the Malakoff program. Malakoff has an exceptional coaching staff in place that makes a tremendous difference. This senior class started their career at Malakoff 1-10 in their first eleven games in junior high. So, kudos to those young men for working hard and continuing to improve. The junior class barely had enough to field a team in junior high but won many games down there. No matter what happens tonight I say way to go to the class of 2012! As far as the 1-19 talk, the class of 2010 in my opinion was a good group of athletes that just needed a change.

Well said I appreciate your remarks and your past contributions to this team. Very well said and you know that these kids will battle all night long.

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CROCKETT'S defense looked very strong tonight with the shut out an the QB battle looked like it belong to SMITH. Crockett was the all around better team tonight but it was a nice clean game tonight an i enjoyed watching it! GOOD job by both teams by keeping it a nice clean contest!

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Yes, bulldogfrog, even with the big win over Malakoff, Smoaky has the Dogs ranked too high.

3A powerhouses?? Beat Madisonville and Rusk. I would not call them powerhouses. I don't think either made the playoffs.

Coldspring is a powerhouse and put a whipping to the Dogs earlier. We did beat Corrigan in predistrict, they are going to playoffs.

I sure hope Crockett is as good as Smoaky's ranking of them, but I am concerned.



So what your saying is you don't think the Bulldogs should be ranked so high?, Correct me if im wrong but hasent the dogs won every game this season and last season sides Coldsprings up untill the playoffs...and in those teams were some 3A and some powerhouses...so with that being said i think the Dogs should be ranked as high as they are O_O

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