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In case you forgot the rules:


Choose a word (either from artist or title) from the previous poster & post a artist/title with the same word.




Poster #1: ROSE TATTOO - Nice Boys

Poster #2: BLUE OYSTER CULT - Tattoo Vampire

Poster #3: THE CULT - Love Removal Machine

etc. etc. etc.


If at all possible, try to choose a different word than the previous poster used. Example from above ... Poster #3 should use a word other than "tattoo" ... also (if at all possible) use words other than "the" or "a" ... 'looking for CREATIVITY here ;)


One more: no "parts" of a words to be used -- example: don't play "sand" from "sandman"


[end nitpicking]


...and away we go:



WILDHEARTS - I Wanna Go Where The People Go

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