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district 13-3a


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Interesting mix first week, surprised that Mount Pleasant handled Paris the way they did.


No nothing about the NL game except NL lost by one touchdown no clue what Commerce looks like this year.


Atlanta looses to Gilmer. Atlanta had a hard fought game but made to many mistakes.


LE beats a weaker PP


Pitt beats Willis Point big no nothing about Willis point


PG Loses to Springhill



Any thoughts about what this says about district?

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Its hard to tell after just one week. Usually the first games of the season is where wierd things happen and it definately did last night. I still look for Paris, Atlanta, LE, and maybe Pitt to battle it out for the district champipnship. But dont count out NL for a playoff spot. They usually get stronger as the year goes on with that smashmouth running game of their's. When defenses are tired and banged up is when they hit their stride. And honestly, I dont know much about PG this year. It should be fun!

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