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Henderson Kilgore


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Good game...........for Kilgore to be ranked #1 in East Texas, Henderson has to be #1-A.

So close, I won't even talk any trash or do the eat crow thing.............thanks for the updates!


16-3A will make some noise DEEP into the playoffs, again this year, while everyone on Smoaky is looking to see which team has the best shot to win it all......................just think of the coaches that are worrying about which one they might draw in the 1st...2nd....round!!

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Bout as even game possible. Kilgore scores on 2 big plays other than that henderson held them. Henderson ran the ball all night and Kilgore held them for the most part, only about 1 big play. Very even matched those field goals were the game tho. Could've gone either way but it goes that way refs were pretty good. Congrats Kilgore y'all will beat Gilmer

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That monsta is a bad boy. henderson's defense is very good but dont judge Kilgore's offense off this game their run game took a hit when spike left the game. And what happened to throwing deep early to get 9 men out of the box ? Dont say it was for henderson's defense cause we didn't even try . We have to have a better game plan next week or we may be in trouble.

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Adrenaline, I agree with you on the fake field goal. Henderson was moving the ball well enough, and the fake field goal I think slowed Lion momentum.


Henderson's O revolved around Monsta, and he barely made it through the game. If his sitting on the ground after the first quarter was an act, he had me fooled. Monsta put the offense on his shoulders and almost won it.


Henderson's D was good. Early in the 4th quarter some of the Kilgore folks I was near were commenting the Bulldog offense couldn't get anything going because of how quickly white shirts were in the backfield.


Aaron Foy finally catches a pass and it sets up the go-ahead score for the Bulldogs. If he would have caught those other two passes that seemed to have hit him in the hands, that would have opened things up for the running game.


Thought the halftime score would have been something like 14-10 with a final of 28-21 or 28-24, but it was a defensive battle.


Most plays wins and until that catch in the waning moments of the game, Henderson (Monsta) was making more plays.


Looking forward to cheering for the Lions on what should be a good playoff run.

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