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Arp vs Crawford


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Crawford has very good speed and can get behind you if your not careful. We are going to have to be level headed and bring it. They are better than the scores of their games and if they play a mistake free game (as in no Turn overs) they are one of the better teams in region 3. TO's have hurt them this year. jj thinks the first 3 qtrs will be pretty intense until they finally say they can't handle anymore of the John Hawkins and Jeremy Shelton show. When those 2 start getting to the qb it's over. Crawford defensively is pretty good. Going to be fun watching Arp's wide open Wildcat offense/Pistol in playoff made. This Arp offense may be our most electrifying offense yet. Time will tell.


I'm saying....


Arp 45+

Crawford 28-





Maybe they will all listen to you next time JJ. Keep it rollin' TIGERS!!!!!

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