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16-3A baseball


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DanielLions23, Spring Hill is more than just competitive in this district, they have owned this district for a great number of years. Gilmer has improved dramatically and will no doubt make some noise in the playoffs. Kilgore and Henderson are good, but they are not better than SH and Gilmer. Bullard is a team to watch, and they too are a much improved team. Gladewater has always struggled on the diamond, but they have some pretty good athletes to make things happen. Chapel Hill is a team that I am not real familiar with, but if their baseball team is anything like their football team, they will create some havoc.

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Does anyone know who won game between Gladewater and Chapel Hill March 26 and what the updated standings are?


Best I can tell:

Gilmer 8-0

Bullard 6-1

Spring Hill 5-3

Kilgore 3-5

Henderson 3-4

Chapel Hill 1-6 (minus GW score)

Gladewater 0-7 (minus CH score)


April 9 games

Chapel Hill at Spring Hill

Gladewater at Bullard

Henderson at Gilmer

Kilgore OFF

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I think in my 12 years associated with that district, nobody could claim ownership of it. White oak was in it for a bit and contended for title, Spring hill, Gilmer, Carthage, when Bullard was in have all won the district title. All the above listed won that district or competed at the top of it, Chapel Hill also made noise, Gladewater was winning that district in the 2003-2005 time period. All teams in that district, whether down right now or not, have had very much success in that district since 2001 forward. When you have good baseball teams, no team dominates, they survive

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Gilmer (9-0)

Bullard (7-1)

Spring Hill (6-3)

Kilgore (3-5)

Henderson (3-5)

Chapel Hill (2-7)

Gladewater (0-9)


So if I am getting this right?:... Gilmer has clinched a playoff spot already and either a Bullard win or Kilgore loss will clinch a spot for Bullard and a Spring Hill just needs a win to clinch also.

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