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Hughes Springs vs. Grandview


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Sorry There Mate I Was Outside Dancing Naked In The Rain Under The Beautiful LK Skies After That Game 2 Loss That Messed Up The Mighty Hughes Spring Mustangs Perfect Season!

Whether we're undefeated or not doesn't matter. What matters is we didn't get discouraged when our backs were against the wall. That is the sign of a real champion. But of course you wouldn't know what that is! Fact is we are in the playoffs and your LK tigers are sittin at home. But of course y'all are use to that when it comes playoff time.
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He is NOT from Daingerfield...I am though and I was there on Saturday cheering "Go Mustangs"...I am praying that you get your state title because it is good for our district when that happens. That was the first game I was able to attend this season and was greatly impressed by the young men that were playing the game, especially the pitcher of Game 3. Always good to see young men who DO NOT know the word quit!


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I must confess that I was truly inspired by listening to Casey Cason's America's Top 40 on Saturday Morning!


The #1 song this week in 1974 was Ray Stevens "The Streak" LOL


Which after practicing at my house on Saturday afternoon after the Ponies first loss of the year!


I realize now I was really just warming up for a mad dash down the middle of town (Linden) after Palmer takes the series and beats out Hughes Springs from going to the State Tournament and doing what LK did in 1980. Win the State Championship!

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The more you talk it seems you must hang out at the local Middle School meth lab....Bet you and that guy are best friends....keep on smoking it!! Your Little Kitties are done and may not EVER WIN at anything for a long long time!

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